Southampton County Land Transfers — January 2020

Published 9:10 pm Thursday, April 23, 2020

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in January 2020:

Franklin Hospital Corp. to Bon Secours Mercy Health, Franklin, $23,730,900

William Valentine Hadsell Jr., Probate Will, $0

Betty Ann Hadsell, $0

Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land to Peachbud Farms LLC, Franklin, $10,000

Peachbud Farms LLC to Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land, Clay Street, Franklin, $0

Felecia Williams Palmer to Skylight Properties LLC, Franklin, Lot 11, $30,000

Jason A. Dunn to Theresa Parker Keys, (Civil Suit 14-553), Franklin, $2,500

ALG Trustee to PNC Bank, Trust Instrument No. 040000625, $33,440

Cleo Wendell Jones, Record real Estate Affidavit, $0

H3 Properties LLC to Ricky Taylor, Franklin, Lot 12, $31,000

H3 Properties LLC to Ricky Taylor, Franklin, two parcels, $34,000

Burdette E. Gatten III to 100 Bailey Drive LLC, Franklin, Lot 4B. 0.604 acre, $0

Edith Poole Whitfield, Probate Will Only, $0

Jason A. Dunn to R.J.’s Autobody, (Civil Suit 19-35), $91,000

Melissa B. Hill to Daeshawna Appling, Franklin, $10,000

Jason A. Dunn to Cynthia B. Scott, (Civil Suit 18-823), $1,900

Jason A. Dunn to Ralph Gainey (Civil Suit 18-826), $2,900

Richard A. Harrell to self, 225 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $0

David Radcliffe Kitchen Jr., Probate Will Only, $0

Jacob K. Lambert to Michael A. Thomas, 205 Country Club Road, $138,000

Theresa Ann Ricks Hatch to self, 301 Morton St., Franklin, Lot 2, Sect. 1 Pretlow Farms Estates, $0

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group to Sec. of Housing and Urban Development, 116 Sycamore Road, Franklin, Instrument No. 190000318, $10

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Trust Instrument No. 0900003330, $91,776.81

Tower Assets Newco IX LLC to TVV I LLC, Instrument No. 110000787, $0

Leroy Gainey, Probate Will and Appoint Executor, $0

Oak Creek Capital LLC to David C. Blythe Jr., Lot 18, Hunterdale Homes, Franklin, $90,000

R. Parson LLC to BCDC82 LLC, 1.8546 acres, Armory Drive, Franklin, $375,000

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to Leia Davis, Franklin, Instrument No. 190000863, $0

Fannie Mae to Theresa Howland, 507 N. High St., Franklin, $69,000

E. Burdette Gatten III to Gabrielle G. Gatten, 704 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $0

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to U.S. Bank, Trust Instrument No.1500002300, $0

Tia Baker to Vernon J. Hash, 6.98 acres, Parcel 1,Wakefield, $121,754

Nicholas R. Stickney to Murphy and Coats LLC, Newsoms District, $15,000

R.W. Tyler and Associates to Premier Construction Management, Lot 10, Section R, Regency Estates, Southampton County, $38,500

Premier Construction Management to Robert Lewis Swift, Lot 10, Section 4, Regency Estates, Southampton County, $25,000

Sharon E. Reese to Robert S. Maslow, Main Street, portion of Kindred Estate, Town of Courtland, $115,000

Jeffrey K. Wray to self, Jerusalem District, $0

Patricia W. Drames to Casey G. Drake, Lot 1, 046 acre, Cypress Woods subdivision, Franklin District, $190,000

Sheldon Keith Worrell, Sentilprabu Jagannathan, Jerusalem District, $128,900

Robert J. Dunlow Jr. to Michael Thomas Dunlow, 78.879 acres, Route 645, Jerusalem District, $0

John R. Marks Farms LLC to Marks Legacy LLC, two parcels, Capron District, $1,226,096.18

Joan W. Davis, to Thomas N. Gage Jr., Lot 10, Vincents Grove, Subdivision 1.262 acres, Capron District, $242,550

Christopher G. Evans to Susan L. Jordan, Portsmouth, Instrument No. 100000151, $153,018

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Plano, Texas, Trust Instrument No. 070001813, $65,000

U.S. Bank National Assoc., to Nationwide Community Revitalization, 31447 Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin District, $45,1000

Elizabeth Mason Young to Travis Otis Young, Lot 12, Section 1, Lankford Acres, Franklin District

Cole Majette, Lucinda Dionne to Lucinda Dionne Majette, $0

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Virginia Homes, No Head Lane, $0

Patricia L. Hazelwood to Hugh R. Holloman, 28456 Grays Shop Road, Newsoms District, $160,000

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group to Sec. of Housing and Urban Development, Ton of Courtland, $10

Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC to David S. Lerner, 4.77 acres, Town of Ivor, $0

David S. Lerner to REI Holdings LLC, 4.77 acres, Town of Ivor, $0

Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC to David S. Lerner, Lot 5, Franklin District, $0

David S. Lerner to S&D Holdings LLC, Lot 5, Franklin District, $0

Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC to S&D Holdings LLC, Main Street, Town of Courtland, $0

Leara Peeples Smith to self, Drewryville District, $0

Leara Peeples Smith to Currier Farms LLC, Old Church Road, Tract 2, Drewryville District, $120,000

Timothy A. Radtke to Sherri M. Radtke, Lot 7, 4.02 acres, Berlin/Ivor District, $0

Joy Pallone to Joy Lamberth, $0

Douglas W. Koehn Jr. to Douglas W. Koehn, 3.63 acres, Jerusalem District, $0

Wilber R. Pittman to self, 8.939 acres, Wakefield Road, Berlin/Ivor District, $,0

August Josiah Miller to self, $0

Destaney Marie Washington to self, $0

Tammy Lynn to Betsy L. Boyce, Lot 1, Clock C., Highland Park, Town of Boykins, $50,3000

Beale Family Farm Partnership to Herman Anthony Cobb, 22500 Scottswood Drive, Franklin District, $426,000

Sue Raiford Beale to Joseph C. Holland III, 36353 No Head Lane, Franklin, Jerusalem District, $155000

Mattie Blowe, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

George Murrell Jr. to Mary Elise Patrick, Boykins District, $25,000

Industrial Development Authority to Columbia Gas of Virginia Inc., Franklin District, $1

Willard Leon Fulcher Jr., Probate Will Only, $0

Jill Dover to self, Lot 23, Subdivision Country Roads, Phase 2, Franklin District, $0

Willie Henry Smith to Sec. Of Housing and Urban Development, 22227 Pine Line Road, Capron District, $71,553.73

Joyce Elaine Eaton of Clarke E. Fox, 1.002 acres, Capron District, $36,000

Billie Gene Hatcher, Probate Will and Appoint Executor, Property in Both Jurisdictions, $0

Susan L. Kitchen to Sharon D. Sykes, two parcels, Town of Courtland, $80,000

Mandel E. Featherston to Axel Lobo, 11130 Rivers Mill Road, Capron, 1.43 acres, Drewryville District, $110,000

Prince R. Cater to Sylvia V. Terry, 23160 Meherrin Road, Courtland, 2.199 Acres, Route 35, Capron District, $10,000

Sylvia V. Terry to Jessica M. Moore, 23160 Meherrin Road, Courtland, two parcels, Capron District, $112,000

Patrick Justin Drake to self, 1.048 acres, Lot 1, Newsoms District, $0

Brenton Dr. Burgess to Belinda Byler Robins Trust, City of Franklin, $0

Wade L. Beale to Cathy A. Bradshaw, 31073 Peachtree Ave., Lot 8, 075 acre, Village of Sedley, $17,500

Faye H. Green to Southampton Self Storage LLC, 23471 Jerusalem Road, Courtland, 0.689 acre, Jerusalem District, $0

Raymond Larry Brooke, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Rita Thomas to Keisha L. Thomas, 29.9 acres, Capron District, $0

R.M. Clarke Farm, Ivor, to Wakefield Road Farm LLC, 208.27 acres, Berlin/Ivor District, $410,000

Della C. Price to Melvin Russell Johnson, Southampton County, $5,000

Chelsey M. Bulls Sr. to Chelsey M. Bulls Jr., 34168 Unity Road, Zuni, two parcels, Jerusalem District, $0

Chelsey M. Bulls Sr. to Chelsey M. Bulls Jr., 34168 Unity Road, Zuni, Jerusalem District, $0

Equity Trustees LLC to Home Point Financial Corp., Trust Instrument No. 180000687, $147,420

Preston Darden Cotton, Probate Will and Appoint Executor, $0

Theodore Roosevelt Drake Jr., $0

Anthony W. Martinette to Christopher Strauss III, 27085 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, Jerusalem District, $369,500

Bradley C. Middleton to self, 17027 Cabin Point Road, Courtland, 1.10 acres, Berlin/Ivor District, $0

George Dwayne Cox to Fake It Til You Make It LLC, 14187 Corinth Road, Ivor, 1.002 acres, Jerusalem District, $37,000

Tameia Amore Woodruff to self, $0

Patriot Realty Inc. to Ronald W. Griffin, 32132 Main St., Boykins, $1,200

Catherine Virginia Peden, Probate Will Only, $0

J.C. Land Ventures LLC to Rebecca Jane Miller, four parcels, 9.12 acres, Jerusalem District, $60,000

Deed of Correction: Deneen Sowell to self, Instrument No. 190001355, $0