Students dive into wonders of 3-D printer

Published 5:59 pm Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Marquis Warren, SHS senior, starting a print to show the new semesters students — Submitted Melissa Edwards

By Alexandria Horton

SHS senior


Fine Arts teacher Melissa Edwards teaches students the different ways to use and create various objects and designs with a 3-D printer. A 3-D printer is a machine used to create a three-dimensional digital models by laying down thin layers of a plastic material to build the shape of the model. Three-dimensional printing is also referred to as additive manufacturing and is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The 3-D printer itself uses a plastic material because it is cheaper and easier. The machine works by heating the plastic filament that comes through a tiny nozzle in the extruder that is completely under computer control and has precise movements.

“With the 3-D printer I’m able to show students how to design in three dimensions on a two-dimensional screen and then how the printer can print a variety of objects,” said Edwards. “Classes start by printing a tough chain to a flexible bracelet.”

Graphic design and photography students learned about the printing process first so they were able to print examples for the fith grade tours later in the week. As the elementary students toured the various CTE programs they were able to come see the 3-D printer in action.

ALEXANDRIA HORTON is a senior at Southampton High School. She can be contacted at 653-2751.