Council should be extra judicious with requests

Published 6:38 pm Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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While it’s encouraging news to learn that the City of Franklin is reportedly doing better money-wise, we trust the city council members will prudently heed financial advice and not automatically hand out cash like candy to anyone who merely asks.

We bring that up because the Downtown Franklin Association has not only recently requested full funding to its budget, but also has pointedly sought an increase. That’s certainly an understandable plea because we know the DFA’s goal is to advance the city area as much as possible.

While we wish the organization good luck with its bid, the members should not be shocked if the extra funds are not made readily available. They do have competition — seven other community organizations and agencies also asked for a proverbial slice of city pie the same evening as the DFA.

Regardless, what we do suggest is that the DFA continues to show in the year ahead how important it is to nurture downtown. It will be up to the leadership to do as much as it can with whatever amount of money it’s given by the city. Showing a proven track record of specific accomplishments that resulted from the DFA’s use of city funds, and being as specific as possible when presenting an argument for an increase can go a long way toward strengthening its budget request for this year and the next.