Titans learn financial literacy

Published 6:51 pm Friday, February 7, 2020

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Azaria Mozell of Georgie D. Tyler Middle School with her display about financial literacy. — Submitted Lynn Briggs


Students in Laura Tumminello’s eighth grade math class at Georgie Tyler Middle recently tackled a real world problem: How does financial literacy impact the choices we make in our daily lives and build our future dreams and goals?

No matter which career path eighth grade students choose, they will need to make many financial decisions as adults. Their recent journey into financial literacy began with a personal exploration of wants, needs, and dreams. Discovering the difference between surviving and thriving has helped them better understand how everyday decisions can impact their future goals.

Next, students considered their personal skills, talents, and interests in order to choose a specific career. Knowing how much money they could potentially make allowed them to dive into a sea of real life math problems such as figuring monthly budgets and learning how principal and interest grow over a 30-year period.

Finally, they created vision boards displaying how they planned to realize their dreams. Students presented what they had learned as part of their expo, held at the IWCS Land Lab in January.