Isle of Wight County land transfers – December 2019

Published 4:42 pm Friday, January 31, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in December 2019:

Rainer Marfio to Russell T. Parham, 21483 Chestnut Lane, Zuni, 5.819 acres, Parcel A, $205,000

NVR Inc. to Daniel Franco, 107 Bridger Drive, Smithfield, Lot 155, Phase 5, Benns Grant, $442,189

Sylvia L. Freeland to Matthew R. Corl-Cox, 15086 Kristy Court, Carrollton, Lot 17, Ashby West, $318,000

Beverly S. Davis to Robert G. Phillips, 13390 Bowling Green, Windsor, 1.04 acres, Lot 5, Spratley Farm Property, $47,500

Kathryn Robbin Price to Kathleen H. Gordon, multiple parcels, $0

James E. Coughlin Jr. to self, 105 Bishops Reach, Smithfield, Lot 30, Phase 3, Section 4, Croatan Landing, $0

Jennifer A. Burch to Teresa M. Ferguson, 17206 Scotts Factory, Smithfield, 0.92 acre, Fitzhugh L. Edwards Jr., $216,000

Donald L. Griffin to Gerald Arthur Willcox III, 18224 Mogarts Beach, Smithfield, 0.41 acre, Mogarts Beach Lane, $313,000

Joyce E. Bradshaw to Southside Farms LLC, Remainder 157.296 acres and Parcel A, M. Archer Edwards, $300,000

Bradley Brantley to Kevin M. Bowman, 103 Chrisfield Circle, Smithfield, Lot 9, Section 2, Winfall Estates, $310,000

E.W. Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 121, 126, Phase 4A, Benns Grant, $210,920

Thomas Hendrix to Anila Brown, 912 Canterberry Lane, Smithfield, Lot 149, Section 5, Waterford Oaks, $390,000

Michael J. McManus to Shelton Spivey, 24151 Sarahnell Lane, Windsor, 7 and 8 B Ave., $13,000

Fannie Mae to Clearview Homes VA LLC, 11216 Easy St., Smithfield, Lot 5, Paradise Heights, $50,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Michael A. Brown, 951 Holymeade Circle, Newport News, Lot 236, Phase 2, Section 2D4 Founders Pointe, $92,500

Fannie Mae to Clearview Homes VA LLC, 12390 Foursquare Road, Windsor, Lot 6, Bethel Manor, $54,000

Raymond A. Desplatchett to Gail Prevette Lucento, 117 Dover Court, Smithfield, Lot 25, Phase 1, Wellington Park, $404,500

Phillip M. Castner Jr. to Allan W. Frontin, 211 Appaloosa Way, Smithfield, Lot 23, Springfield Downs, $410,000

Justine R. Byrne to Leonard Joseph Krzywick, 105 Gleneagles, Smithfield, Lot 396, Section 2B, Cypress Creek, $503,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, Instrument No. 10-2945, $226,800

Steven J. Anderson to Steven and Terri Anderson Trust, 105 Oxfield Ave., Smithfield, Lot 36A, Phase 1, Church Square, $0

NVR Inc. to Wayne L. Tysinger, 137 Kenny Lane, Smithfield, Unit 1A, Phase 1, Benns Grant, $289,490

Prabin Bensam to Bensam Group Inc., Parcel, Old Stage Highway, $0

Robert Benjamin Stagg to Michael G. Johnson, 15194 Gayle Way, Carrollton, 0.31 acre, Gayle Way, $0

Jimmy Wayne Chapman to Kenneth Daniel Chapan, 8111 Firetower Road, Zuni, 0.36 acre, Highway 636, $70,000

Douglas E. Elliott to Town of Smithfield, Lot 43, Pinewood Heights, $80,000

James N. Davis to Town of Smithfield, Lot 11, Pinewood Heights, $70,000

Cynthia Ames Lewis to self, 116 Green Court, Carrollton, Lot 23, Carrollton Manor, $0

Venecia Parson to Sharane C. McNair, 4794 Old Stage Highway, Smithfield, 0.44 acre, Old Stage Highway, $25,000

William H. Riddick III to Charles W. Roff, 21090 Roff Lane, Smithfield, Instrument No. 13-2526, $100,000

Daron O. Spratley to SPECBLD LLC, 1.25 acres, Lot 6, Spratley Family Property, $25,000

Jeanne C. Crowe to self, 1604 Colonial Ave., Smithfield, Lot 19, Colonial Acres, $0

NVR Inc. to Darrell Flowers, 123 Bridger Drive, Smithfield, Lot 151, Phase 5, Benns Grant, $391,646

E.W. Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 107, Phase 4A, Benns Grant, $105,460

Jennifer Paige Dale to self, 19049 Farm Road, Smithfield, 0.784 acre, Parcel Farm Road, Days Point, $0

Samuel I. White to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Instrument No. 12-2899, $347,100

Dwain D. Wilkerson to Coastal Settlement LLC, 107 Nat Turner Blvd., Newport News, Lots 406, 407, 408, Phase 2A, Cypress Creek, $162,000

Donald L. Harris to Harris Family Living Trust, 500 Bailey Ave., Smithfield, Lot 1, Section 7, Pagan Point, $221,000

Jason E. Blevins to Michael J. Hilligoss, 161 Liberty Way, Carrollton, Lot 41, Phase 1, Founders Point, $385,000

Thomas R. Ivy to Nicholas A. Blevins, 220 Grace St., Smithfield, Grove Hotel, Lot and addition, $500,000

Larry E. Jones to Nicholas Hess, 223 S. Church St., Smithfield, 223 S. Church St., $464,000

Joshua Shaikh to Davis Ward Jr., 114 Willow Wood Ave., Smithfield, Lot 39, Phase 1, Willow Oaks, $350,000

Atlantic Trustee Service to Sec. Of Veterans Affairs, 3401 West End Ave., Nashville, Instrument No. 16-2664, $249,629

Thomas J. Endrusick to self, 208 Manchester Court, Smithfield, Lot 125 Section 4, Waterford Oaks, $0

Monster Storage LLC to WBL Holdings LLC, 420 Mill Stone Road, Chesapeake, 19.3000 acres, Lot 9, Isle of Wight Industrial Park, $200,000

HHJV LLC to David J. Weinstein, 113 Richmond Ave., Smithfield, Lot 4A, Phase 1, Church Square, $255,000

Thomas Robertson III to Keith J. Gary, 521 Main St., Smithfield, 0.734 acre, Main Street, $0

Charles T. Brock to self, 2300 Braswell Drive, Windsor, boundary adjustment, $0

Benjamin Hassel Wade to Nikkol Irene Wade, 9307 Cut Thru Road, Windsor, 5.521 acres, Wade Property, $0

Benjamin Hassel Wade to Clinton Wade Ross, 9307 Cut Thru Road, Windsor, Lot 3, Route 646, John E. Ray Property, $0

Cypress Investment Homes to Cypress Creek Golfers and Members, 600 Cypress Creek Parkway, Smithfield, boundary, $0

Back Bay Properties LLC to Town of Smithfield, Lot 13, Pinewood Heights, $70,000

Melvin F. Howell to Norman J. Holloway, 5121 Pruden, Carrsville, 1 acre, Route 611, Parcel 14, Mitchell, $0

R. Dorein Delusignan to Jordan M. Stuck, 6294 Mill Creek Trail, Zuni, Lot 11, Mill Creek Farm North, $265,101

Phillip A. Bradshaw to Andrew C. Bradshaw, 3.920 acres, Bradshaw near Seegar Drive, $29,000

James Gavin Bradshaw to Andrew C. Bradshaw, P.O. Box 12, Carrsville, Interests 276 acres, Remainder Adjacent Rose and 1.165 acres, Harcum, $588,000

124 LLC to Emily L. Cantwell, 5 Wenley Circle, Smithfield, Lot 67, Days Point Inc., $303,900

David P. Holt to John B. Holt, 14420 Bradbys Lane, Smithfield, Parcel 1D, Holt Property, $180,000

Matthew G. Herbaugh to Tyler D. Bradshaw, 413 Lane Crescent, Smithfield, Lot 54, Section 6, Moone Plantation, $324,000

NVR Inc. to Donte Cory Freeman, 139 Bridger Drive, Smithfield, Lot 147, Phase 5, Benns Grant, $389,990

Sasser Construction LC to Bret L. Griebenow, 116 Stoneridge Court, Carrollton, Lot 315, Phase 3B, Founders Pointe, $649,900

Wyatt Tyrone Williams to Valencia Wright, 304 Pocahontas Ave., Franklin, Lots 54, 56, Jamestown Anne, $0

Kentley P. Porter to self, 31309 Community House, Carrsville, Lot 5, Johnson Homeplace, $0

Brock R. Rougeux to self, 7416 Mill Swamp Road, Ivor, two parcels, $0

Eagle Construction to Nina R. Holloway, 102 Royal Portrush, Smithfield, Lot 416 Cypress Creek Development Co. LLC, $489,285

Robert Shawn Darden to Jordan Vande Brake, 14506 Uzzell Church Road, Smithfield, 2.07 acres, Lot A-1, Robert Shawn Property, $155,000

Robert Benjamin Staff to Lawrence O. Johnson, 15220 Gayle Way, Carrollton, .31 acre, addition and .80 acre addition, $2,080

Professional Foreclosure to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 8950 Cypress Waters Blvd., Coppell, TX, Instrument No. 15-4994, $174,772.13

Christopher S. Connor to Pamela L. Connor, 206 Mariners Circle, Smithfield, Lot 25, Mariners Pointe, $0

Jill R. Sizemore to Rhonda Elizabeth Jackson, 19494 Tomlin Hill, Zuni, 10 acres, Parcel 2, Route 649, $200,100

Dwight A. Boyd to Philip R. Boyd, 15219 Kennel Lane, Carrollton, Lot 15, Block B, Riverview, $0

Eagle Construction to Richard J. Bellwew, 401 Royal Dornoch, Smithfield, Lot 70, Section 1, Cypress Creek, $563,384

Hendricks L. Griffin to Harold A. Griffin Jr., 9244 Goodrich Smithfield, 9.75 acres, Livy Neck, $12,500

Terry W. Dean to Kenneth and Florence Newell, Building 14, Unit 3, Phase 12, Villas of Smithfield, $192,000

Flagstar Bank FBS to self, CL 19-606 (Civil Case Number), 128 Crescent Lane, $0

Nanette F. York to Ronnie Graham, 10297 Stallings Creek Drive, Smithfield, Lot 5, Walnut Ridge Farm, $435,000

Eagle Construction to Christian J. Dehoyos, 114 Gleneagles, Smithfield, Lot 392, Phase 2B, Cypress Creek, $447,305

Ralph L. Henderson to James J. Hassell, 16621 Scotts Factory, Smithfield, 5.15 acres, Route 630 Clontz, $425,000

Gene F. Aston to Gene M. Aston, 409 Brewers Creek Lane, Carrollton, Lot 29, Civil Case, Obrey Property, $0

Hubert A. King to Archer L. Jones, P.O. Box, 245 Carrollton, Parcel, U.S. Highway 17, Adjacent, King, $125,000

NVR Inc. to Steven William Palmer, 125 Kenny Lane, Smithfield, Unit 1D, Phase 1, Benns Grant, $254,990

Richard Pantoja to Heather M. Martin, Lot 27, Parcel 27, Eagle Harbor, $349,999

Nathaniel T. Acken to Jason Lester Davis, 1006 Wilson Road, Smithfield, Lot 4, Block 8, Section 4, Grimesland, $229,000

Gary L. Hall to Matthew G. Herbaugh, 14530 Trump Town Road, Windsor, 11.489 acres, Parcel 1, House Property, $535,000

Helene Karin Lippe to self, 2241 John Gravel Road, Marriottsville, Maryland, Interests, Parcel D, Homefield Parcel, $0

Patric S. Lundberg to Thomas E. Fowler, 14040 Ponderosa Lane, Carrollton, 3.2 acres, Lot G, Sturdevant Property, $335,000

Judith C. Wells to Steven Wade Crocker, 6456 Broadwater Road, Ivor, 1 acre, Parcel 1, Crocker, $2,000

NVR Inc. to Johnsie Hughes, 144 Bridger Drive, Smithfield, Lot 146, Phase 5, Benns Grant, $398,877

NVR Inc. to Barbara Alison Conover, 133 Kenny Lane, Smithfield, Unit 1B, Phase 1, Benns Grant, $268,990

James L. Babb to Aaron M. Niner, 7 N. Court St., Windsor, Parcel, Court St., $155,000

Lakeview Loan Service to Sec. Of Housing and Urban Development, Parcel B, Jamestown Annex, $31,160

Charles L. Owens to James Harbin, 4021 Brians Lane, Suffolk, 4.02 acres, Parcel 2, Carroll Bridge, $67,200

David E. Brown to Victoria’s Rose LC, 102 Trumpet Road, Smithfield, 311 Main St., $0

David E. Brown to DVB Properties LLC, 102 Trumpet Road, Smithfield, 0.89 acre, Parcel B1, Gwaltney Motor Co., $0

Marion B. Wilson to Cecil W. Gwaltney III, 1012 Magruder Road, Smithfield, Remainder, 1.42 acres, Parcel B, Grimes, $425,000

Thomas W. Batten to Bobbie L. Batten, 20033 Muddy Cross Drive, Smithfield, Lot 2, Charles Jones, $0

Charles S. Lowder to self, P.O. Box 183 Windsor, Interests 0.498 acre and Parcel, Route 460, $0

Charles S. Lowder to Impulse Properties LLC, 15 W. Windsor Blvd., $1,275,000

Haywood Williams Jr. to Jimmy L. Ross, 15085 Kristy Court, Carrollton, Lot 24, Ashby West, $450,000

Bethany A. Laneave to Contissa H. Norman, 2206 James River Trail, Carrollton, Unit B, Build 2200, Phase 2, Bridgewater, $205,000

Bobby G. Buie to Gregory A. Chaffer Jr., 18417 Battery Park, Smithfield, 10.32 acres, Fort Huger, $75,000

Charles E. Drake to Kathryn M. Burns, 513 Hickory Crescent, Smithfield, Lot 79, Aspen Woods, $0

E.W. Benns Grant LLC to Benns Grant Homeowners Association, Open Space 6A, Benns Grant, $0

Will R. Wiggins to Lee Hooker, 7092 Proctor Bridge Road, Ivor, 1.1 acres, Dennis Edwards, $30,000

Pamela S. Richards to Wigwam Properties LLC, 21353 Wigwam Circle, Carrollton, Cox Farm Wigwam, $454,102.62

Sue P. Plummer to self, Lot 8, Phase 2A, Gatling Pointe South, $0

Deborah Jean Cyrus to Courtney M. Vanerstvelde, 5.996 acres, Clark Circle, $310,000

E.W. Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 154, Phase 5, Benns Grant, $105,460

Selene Finance LP to Sec. Of Housing and Urban Development, 2401 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City, Lot B, Grover J. Edwards, $123,900

Suntrust Bank to Sec. Of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 2, M.H. Holland Property, $114,000

Isle of Wight County to Jason E. Elmore, 13212 Great Springs Road, Smithfield, Parcel D, Great Springs Road, $80,000

Kenneth Andrew Marple to self, 11316 Burwells Bay Road, Smithfield, Parcel C2 Little Property, $1

A.B. Homes LLC to Thomas Howard White, 103 Arabian Trial, Smithfield, Lot 5, Springfield Downs, $431,425

HHJV LLC to Douglas A. Macadam, 115 Richmond Ave., Smithfield, Lot 4B, Phase 1, Church Square, $241,000

Michael J. Hailey to Katrina Griffin, 16056 Carroll Bridge Road, Smithfield, 2.55 acres, Michael R. Brown, $220,000

Suzanne Lenoir Rouse to Bryan Galgasnki, 108 Winchester Place, Smithfield, Lot 39, Section 3A, Waterford Oaks, $285,000

Clark Gene Lamp to Thomas William Mayfield, 13135 E. Bay Court, Carrollton, Lot 49, TR 2, Phase 7, Eagle Harbor, $300,000

E.W. Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., 860 Greenbrier Circle, Chesapeake, Lot 488 through 492, Phase 10A1 Benns Grant, $270,000

Joshua A. Goehl to self, 105 Winchester Place, Smithfield, Lot 32, Section 3, Waterford Oaks, $0

Debra A. Henson to Wells Fargo Bank, CL 19-2481 (Civil Case Number), $0

Advanced Builder Inc. to Teresa Thomas, 17633 Mogarts Beach, Smithfield, Lot 4, Bayberry Land, $0

Vernon R. Craig to Arthur Strode, 204 Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield, Lot A, Halstead Landing, $275,000

Shelley L. Riley to James C. Taylor, 102 Nottingham Place, Smithfield, Lot 44, Section 3B, Waterford Oaks, $350,000

Deeds Transferred Upon Death

Charles E. Drake to Kathryn M. Burns, 513 Hickory Crescent, Smithfield, Lot 79, Aspen Woods, $0