Hadsell’s request denied

Published 7:55 am Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Judge L. Wayne Farmer on Monday afternoon turned down murder suspect Wesley Hadsell’s affidavit, which asked that evidence collected during search warrants on March 20, 2015, be suppressed.

The warrants to which Hadsell referred to in his two-page document pertain to crimes of which he is accused of committing: First-degree murder, murder, non-capital felony and concealment of a dead body, all pertaining to his adopted stepdaughter, Anjelica “A.J.” Hadsell. She had been found in the early weeks of April 2015 in Southampton County. Earlier that month, Norfolk Police had searched a pond off Walters Highway.

Hadsell, 40, had pleaded not guilty in 2019. He believes that there inaccuracies in the evidence and testimony obtained through the warrants.

In the county courthouse, Farmer said the other day that the defendant’s affidavit does not contain proof that there are deliberate falsehoods.

James Ellenson, who is the defense attorney, also asked permission that his client be allowed to hear audio testimony of 20 to 25 people and that be done via a computer he would provide.

The Commonwealth Attorney expressed concern that somehow that testimony could be leaked onto the internet.

Farmer announced that he was not going to rule on that matter today.

Hadsell’s trial is anticipated to start on Monday, Feb. 24.