Southampton County land transfers – October 2019

Published 4:32 pm Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in October 2019:

Ronald E. McClenny to Mahendran Venkatachalam, Gillette subdivision, Section II, Lot 6, Section B, Franklin, $215,000

Jacquelyn A. McQueen to Daniel D. James, 303 Vaughans Lane, Franklin, $209,000

Phoenix Equity Investments LLC to Johnson and Johnson Properties, 400 E. Second St., Franklin, $10,000

Christine B. Brett to Quentin Lamon Sturdivant, 105 Irving St., Franklin, Lot 17, $119,900

Al Dexter Cutler to self, 409 Stonewall St., Franklin, $0

Virgilio E. Cantillo to Christopher Miller, 26 Towne Center Way, Hampton, $32,000

Gordon V. Coons to Tanya Dew Brothers, Lot 14, Hunterdale Farm, Section, 1, Franklin, $175,000

Margurette Jester, Record Real Estate Affidavit for Survivorship Property, $0

Carl Franklin Jester Jr., $0

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Navy Federal Credit Union, Trust Instrument No. 180001641, $128,394.76

Image Restorations Inc. to Rudolph D. Skinner Jr., 607-1/2 Walnut St., Franklin, $25,000

Katrina Winborne to self, three lots, 200 Cobb St., Franklin, $0

Dorneena Parson to Craig L. Beale, Lot 4, 1521 Clay St., Franklin, $143,000

City of Franklin, Leroy A. White, 211 Homestead Road, Franklin, $150,000

Don William Scarboro, Probate Will, $0

Gregory Jarrett Orlando to Sade L. Artis, Lot 43, Riverview, Franklin, $0

BMW Land LLC to Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land, three parcels in Franklin; one parcel in Southampton County, $200,000

Paulette Lawrence Harris to self, 212 Harrison St., Franklin, $0

Paul MacArthur Grigg to Hunterdale Home and Garden Center, 10.23 acres, $65,000

Lemuel Williams to self, 813 Gardner St., Franklin, $0

Lemuel Williams to self, 801 Gardner St., Franklin, $0

Lemuel Williams to self, 219 Wilson St., Franklin, $0

Lemuel Williams to self, 808 Walnut St., Franklin, $0

Patrick A. McConnell to Chot Dinh Van, 0.582 acre, Lot 47, Section 1, Joyner Farm, Franklin, $220,000

Marjorie D. Baker to Leisa Baker Billups, Lot 39, Joyners Acres, Section II, Franklin, $0

Zionnia Montrea’ Askew to self, $0

Alton Futtrell to Alton Howell, $0

West Properties of Ivor LLC to Daniel Plourde, 12096 Appleton Road, Ivor, Parcel E, .94 acre, Berlin Ivor District, $109,500

James A. Maness Jr. to Dream Chasers LLC, 100 Lake Crescent, Franklin, $200,000

Kelly Wayne White to Ian Dan Savage, 22203 Sedley Road, Lot 1, Franklin District, $197,700

Frances G. Glading to David Lockwood, Lot 11, Section 1, Lankford Acres, 1.079 acres, Franklin District, $206,368

Gregory M. Davidson of Gilbert F. Falk III, Lot 13, Dardens Mill Estates, Section, Jerusalem District, $65,000

Clyde Reynolds, Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Reynolds Rhea Winslow, Appoint Administrator, $0

Lloyd A. Applewhite to Judith Applewhite Chen, 124.4 acres, Capron District, $0

David M. Dunn to Dunn Revocable Trust, 28451 Sunbeam Road, Franklin, Newsoms District, $0

David M. Dunn to Dunn Revocable Trust, 28451 Sunbeam Road, Franklin, Newsoms District, $0

David M. Dunn to Dunn Revocable Trust, 28451 Sunbeam Road, Franklin, Newsoms District, $0

Robert E. Old Jr. to Larisha D. Britt, 599 W. Second Ave., Franklin, Lot 3, Franklin District, $24,500

Jacquelyn Lovette Griffin to Wakefield Road Land Trust, 1.44 acres, Southampton County, $4,500

Jeffrey W. Pope to Scott A. Evans, 22331 Drewry Road, Drewryville Village, $115,000

Richard W. Hurdle to Michele Isaacs, 34295 Unity Road, Zuni, Lot 5, Section 2, Berlin Ivor District, $245,000

Helen Neal Turner, File List of Heirs and Copy of Will from Oklahoma, $0

Reuben Booker Turner, Field Copy of Will and List of Heirs, $0

Patricia L. Hazelwood to self, 22115 Old Chapel Road, Newsoms, Plat Book 37, Pages 12-13, Newsoms District, $0

Patricia L. Hazelwood to Roy F. Caulders, 23083 Calvin Drive, Franklin, Plat Book 37, Pages 12-13, Newsoms District, $0

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kisha L. Tucker, 22141 Main St., Courtland, Instrument No. 180002061, Town of Courtland, $125,000

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Mortgage Equity Conversion Assoc., Instrument No. 080003730, $1,000

Linda B. Beale to Fake It Till You Make It LLC, 14187 Corinth Road, Ivor, Berlin Ivor District, $45,000

Robert F. Lane to Howard E. Gray, 29458 Deer Trial Road, Courtland, Franklin District, $350,000

P&J Courtland LLC to James Edwards Perry, 1.414 acres, Franklin District, $1,750,000

James Henry Jenkins Sr., Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Evelyn M. Jenkins, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Parsons Homes Inc. to Louis W. Eure, Plat Book, 1209 Kansas St., Suffolk, 37, Page 14, Franklin District, $55,000

Edward Allen Hotchkiss, Record Will and Quality Co-Executors, $0

Jenae Katlin Jefferson to self, $0

George L. Thorpe to Cynthia B. Cobb, 34251 Monroe Road, Newsoms, 1.722 acres, Newsoms District, $240,000

Ann Marie Martin, executor, to William E. Curling Jr., 1052 Waters Road, Chesapeake, Berlin Ivor District, $550,000

Sec. Of Housing and Urban Development to Amy R. Stephens, .919 acre, Unity Road, Berlin Ivor District, $165,001

Alvis Earl Johnson to Joseph D. Johnson, 29187 Porter House Road, Boykins, four parcels, Boykins District, $0

Linwood R. Ricks to Sadler Brothers Oil Co., Emporia, Plat Book 37, Page 16, Town of Capron, $180,400

Rodger Allen Joseph Klemm to JEC Real Estate LLC , 32054 Wilson St., Boykins, Town of Boykins, $57,000

Sharon Lynn Pflueger to Jennifer L. Joyner, 27075 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, Lot 9, Jerusalem District, $180,000

Leslie Ann Kistler to Kistler Trust, 33283 Edgehill Drive, Franklin, Lot 25, Section II, Edgehill, Franklin District, $0

Glenda Whitley Helms-Sterling, Record Will and Qualify Executors, $0

SPECBLD LLC to David C. Coker, 18024 Darden Scout Road, Jerusalem District, $240,000

Heather Marie Nadeau Breed to Brenda Davis, 18183 W. Pope St. St., Town of Boykins, $109,000

Lisa Michelle Scarborough to Lisa Michelle Mulder, $0

William Elisha Jones Jr. to Lou Anne Jones Davis, 2001 Main St., Courtland, 2 parcels, Jerusalem District, $0

Claude Cecil Burgess, Record Will and Appoint Executor, $0

Quintin L. Jones to Tamara G. Pascua, 6 Rivers Mill Road, Capron, Lot 6, Drewryville District, $18,000

Howard D. Boone to Sec. Of Housing and Development, 22202 Deer Lane, Franklin District, $92,558.62

Charles W. White to White Trust, 18246 Sedley Road, Sedley, 18 acres, Jerusalem District, $0

Charles W. White to White Trust, 18246 Sedley Road, Sedley, 13898 acres, Jerusalem District, $0

David L. Parker to Joshua Lindgren, 32356 Unity Road, Ivor, Lot 10, Section 3, Creeks Bend, 1.492 acres, Jerusalem District, $265,000

U.S. Bank Trust to Perdo O. Mendoza, 2355 Elmwood Drive, No. 105, Franklin, Instrument No. 180000846, Capron District, $42,500

BMW Land LLC to Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land, 5735 Laburnum Ave., Richmond, three parcels in Franklin; one parcel in Southampton County, $200,000

Mary Garrett Joyner to Mary Claudette Joyner, $0

Judith Applewhite Chen to Gregory A. Applewhite, 23236 Indian Woods Trial, Courtland, Capron District, $186,467

Charles Douglas Tucker, $0

Wesley L. Cashwell to Cecil L. Pinner, 33661 Burnt Reed Road, Boykins, one acre, Boykins District, $148,259.10

James A. Bulls to James A. Bulls III, 30006 Sycamore Ave., Sedley, Jerusalem District, $32,000

Frederick D. Ayner to Anita Michele Falcone, 18017 First St., Sedley, three parcels, Village of Sedley, $165,000

His Homes LLC to Harmony Homes LLLC, 22358 Scottswood Drive, Franklin, Village of Sedley, $48,000

Susan Annette Baker Beale to Lewis J. Beale Jr., 47-1/2 acres, Southampton County, $0

Magda L. Hanley to Michael Evans, 12036 Tucker Swamp Road, Berlin Ivor District, $285,000

Charles Francis Curtice Jr., Probate Will and Appoint Administrator, $0

Parsons Homes Inc. to James R. Collins, 21459 Waterview Court, Franklin, Bethel Homes, $385,000

Bruce A. Trew to Andrew Robinson, two parcels, Route 684, Newsoms District, $0

Bruce A. Trew to Andrew Robinson, two parcels, Route 684, Newsoms District, $0

Lee Ann Beasley to Keith Schriefer, 11153 Southampton Parkway, Drewryville District, $148,410

Bonnie Wingo Jordan, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Trust Instrument No. 070001204, $184,698

U.S. Bank National Association to Cedar Homes Investments LLC, Instrument No. 190001978, $35,000

Annie Peeples Cecil, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Lawrence Everett to Loreal P. McDonald, 29460 Delaware Road, Franklin District, $10

Robert R. Edwards to Midway Farms Holdings LLC, 22217 Main St., Courtland, two parcels, Franklin District, $0

James Henry Burgess to Boykins Volunteer Fire Dept., two parcels, Town of Boykins, $0