Southampton County land transfers – November 2019

Published 4:34 pm Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in November 2019:

Inspire Commercial LLC to Hubbard Peanut Co., 1459 Armory Drive, Franklin, $2,000,000

Inspire Commercial LLC to Hubbard Peanut Co., Franklin, $0

Ashley Lee to Ashley L. Lee Sr., 405 Washington St., Franklin, Lot 14, Block A, $0

ALG Trustee LLC to Money Source Inc., Trust Instrument No. 170002677, $205,200

J.P. Faulk Jr. to Shaun L. Faulk, 1021 Rosemont Ave., Suffolk, two parcels, Franklin, $55,000

David Logan McClenny Sr., Probate Will Only, $0

Quinton A. Buchanan to Michelle E. Buchanan, 312 Clay St., Franklin, $0

Patricia J. Francis, Together Enterprise LLC, 405 Franklin, $10,000

Deborah S. Barnes, 801 Walnut St., Franklin, $41,000

Earl Norris Francis Jr., Record Real Estate Affidavit for 314 Washington St., Franklin, $0

Ralph Vincent Sr. to Sec. Of Housing and Urban Development, $69,609.09

Franklin Southampton Chamber of Commerce to self, 108 W. Third Ave., Franklin, $0

Teresa B. Beale to self, 400 Old Sedley Road, Franklin, $0

Equity Trustees LLC to Grace and Faith LLLC, 1068 Johnson Circle, Franklin, Trust Instrument Nos. 050000144 and 0500001082, $38,000

T.R. King Jr. to Paul Roberts Hutchings, Lot 63, Section 3, Holliknoll, Franklin, $239,500

Elizabeth Ann Brantley to Thomas C. Gizzi, 1524 Clay St., Franklin, $394,900

Linwood E. Russell Sr. to self, Lot 32, Washington Square, Franklin, $0

Michelle E. Buchanan to James M. Stradley, Franklin, 312 Clay St., Franklin, $110,000

Courtesy Homes LLC to Christie Rogers, Lot 67, Section III, Holliknoll, Franklin, $257,500

Howard Darden Jr., Record Real Estate Affidavit, 1207 Rosewood Ave., Franklin, $0

Elizabeth Louise Darden, Record Real Estate Affidavit, 1207 Rosewood Ave., Franklin, $0

Freeman J. Harrell to Hunterdale Home and Garden Center, 111 Delaware Road, Franklin, Plat Book 37, Page 21, $315,000

Robert Lawrence Stutts to Katherine Britt, 804 Clay St., Franklin, $255,000

Frank A. Davis to self, 715 Gardner St., Franklin, $0

SG17 LLC to Robert Taylor Jr., Lot 11, Section 2, Quail Ridge, Franklin, $247,500

Perry M. Miller to Carl A. Graham, Lot 85, Bethel Farms, Southampton County, $315,000

Carl A. Graham to self, 22455 Harvest Drive, Franklin, Southampton County, $0

Old Hickory Farm LLC to James Stephen Fekete, 21011 Old Hickory Road, Courtland, Jerusalem District, $0

Dallas O. Jones to Dallas O’Neal Jones, 708 Dorothy Drive, Newport News, Drewryville District, $0

SPECLBD LLC to James Harris, Old Walter Vick Tract, Lot 4, 1.11 acres, Jerusalem District, $229,900

Debora Hayes Knapp to Debra A. Mullen, Lot 48 Cypress Manor, Franklin District, $172,500

Julian Demetric Wade, Julian Kayveon Person, $0

Real Estate Growth Fund LLC to David F. Yoder, four parcels in Drewryville, $74,500

Giuseppe Misseri, Record Will and Appoint Executor, $0

James M. Boyce, Record Certified Copy of Will, $0

Sharon Simone, Executor, Perfected Praise Worship Outreach, 31042 Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin District, $46,000

Dwayne Henry Miller to Richard A. Copeland, 27826 Ivey Road, Drewryville, Parcel 1, Drewryville District, $120,190

Equity Trustees LLC to Deutsche Bank Trust Co., America, Instrument No. 060005194, $54,600

Joshua John Wilroy, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Emily Credle Wilroy, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

BLD Farms LLC to Commonwealth of Virginia, 696.05 acres, Southampton County, $0

Rhonda V. Treasurer to John W. Johnson, Newsoms District, $1,700

Lewis Warren to Gloria Welcons Williams, 36358 Broadwater Road, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Bank of New York Mellon to Peter Austin Mantz Jr., 8456 Main St., Town of Ivor, $47,500

Tara Bess Edwards to Tara Bess McClenny, $0

Doug Bailey IIII to Candace R. Duck Triplette, 36483 E. Nottoway Drive, Courtland, Jerusalem District, $112,000

B. Cook Rentals LLC to Brandon W. Cook, 30400 Sycamore Ave., Sedley, Village of Sedley, $0

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. To Holly Denise Hicks, 8518 Rawls Drive, Town of Ivor, $58,370

Martha S. Reid, $0

Eliza A. Watson, $0

Joshua John Wilroy to Wilroy Enterprises LLC, Town of Boykins, $0

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to U.S. Bank, Trust Instrument No. 060001001, $24,000

Dennis W. Darden to Virgil W. Alstatt, 31505 The Hall Road, Branchville, 1.584 acres, Boykins District, $194,900

Windy Acres Farms LLC, Virgil Wayne Alstatt, 31505 The Hall Road, Branchville, .782 acres, Plat 37, Page 22, $10

Hunter Darden III to Commonwealth of Virginia, $0

Hunterdale Investments LLC to James T. Burgess, 28277 Pretlow St., Lots 3, 4, Franklin District, $35,000

Debra J. Davenport to Gerald W. Scott, 16015 Johnsons Mill Road, Sedley, Plat Book, 37, Page 23, $1,500

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Walter D. Brown III, 33334 Sandy Ridge Franklin, Lot 7, 1.101 acres, Sandy Ridge Subdivision, Newsoms District, 459,500

Narvie F. Britt Jr. to Jonathan Marshall, 2.75 acres, 9649 New Road, Berlin Ivor District, $9,500

Michele Leighton to David R. Smercani, Town of Ivor, $0

Neda L. Heath to Taylor S. Jackson, Lot 12, Darden Mill Estate, 0.64 acre, Jerusalem District, $285,000

John Pate Felts to self, 31136 Millfield Road, Wakefield, multiple parcels, $0

Mary Louise Harris to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 37132 Seacock Chapel Road, Berlin Ivor District, Instrument No. 060003437, Berlin Ivor District, $144,802.82

Charles W. Gray to Lauren M. Brown, 9201 Turner Road, Drewryville District, $194,071

Lauren M. Brown to Cavalier, $0

John Leonard Rose Jr., Record Copy of Will, $0

John Michael Nameth to Patricia Jane Hannas, 0.335 acres, Rochelle Swamp Pond, Newsoms District, $0

Geulia Diggs Boddi to Shelia Perry, 501 Campbell Ave., City of Franklin, $0

Lewis Clark, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0]

Hazel S. Clark to Arlynn R. Woodley, Town of Branchville, $200

George Lee Thorpe Sr., Record Will and Appoint Co-Executors, $0

Evans and Bryant to Sec. Of Housing and Urban Development, Trust Instrument No. 1100002641, $79,258.16

Surety Trustees LLC to Dylan Cole, Lot 27, Section III, Scottswood, Franklin District, $208,200

Elizabeth V. Powell of Erika Nery, 22037 Main St., Courtland, Capron District, $153,000

Deeds of Correction

Chapman Lumber Co. Inc. to Renewable Green Inc., 149 Lilly Road, South Mills, North Carolina, Instrument No. 1700002918, $0

Renewable Green Inc. to Richard Dale Steiner, 1728 Tower Road, Margarettsville, North Carolina, two parcels, Boykins District, $0

World Alliance Financial LLC to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., Instrument No. 100001750, $0

Severn Peanut Co. Inc. to Lee G. Hooker, 7092 Proctors Bridge Road, Ivor, Instrument No. 1900001461, $0