Southampton County land transfers – July 2019

Published 5:11 pm Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in July 2019:

H3 Properties LLC to Clinton Horner, Meadowbrook subdivision, Lots 93-94, Franklin, $53,000

Shelagh Joyce Evanson, record real estate affidavit, $0

William M. Nock to James Smith Jr., Lots 25-26, block 6, subdivision 2, Camp Dairy Farm, Franklin, $25,000

Rose P. Galloway to Verylessie Little, 215 Hall St., Franklin, $21,500

Hunterdale Investments LLC to Johnny H. Worrell, 324 Hogart St., Franklin, $10,000

Franklin City School Board to Hayden Village Associates, Hayden Village Oak Street, Franklin, $0

Theresa L. Knight to Adolphus L. Long, two parcels in Franklin, $0

Thompson Stewart to Patrick C. Felts, two parcels in Franklin, $138,000

Mike Smith to Charter Communications Property, 110 N. Main St., Franklin, $0

Hayden Village Associates to Spectrum Southeast LLC, 680 Oak St., Franklin, $0

Lemonte J. Walton to Kathy H. Davis, 822 Coolspring St., Franklin, $0

Robert M. Edwards to self, Lot 26, Section 5, Quail Ridge, Franklin, $0

Monica Ann Lippe of Donald E. Upton Jr., 409 Clay St., Franklin, $120,000

Graham C. Daniels to Thomas K. Fink, Trust instrument No. 160000970, Colonial Heights, $18,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Rebuilt Holdings LLC, 510 Pretlow St., Franklin, $12,008

Providence Assets LLC to Johnnie Worrell, 225 Hall St., Franklin, $18,500

Dustin R. Earnest to Tabitha Varvaro, two parcels, Franklin, $128,000

Harold Groff Burkett to self, Lot 30 North Woods, Franklin, $0

Daniel G. Kamin, Franklin, Virginia Beach to Daniel G. Kain, Franklin, LLC, 490 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, $0

Randy Gating to Theresa Wilson, 225 Woodland Drive, Franklin, $225,000

James B. Oswald to Abigail H. Myers, deed transfer upon death, 115 Shelter Cove Way, Carrollton, $0

Jason A. Dunn to Darlene H. Brown, 313 Roosevelt Ave., Franklin, $0

Karen Branche to Ralph Gainey, Instrument No. 1900001187, 405 Bruce St., Franklin, $0

Mortgage Shop LLC to Metlife Home Loan, Instrument NO. 1200001845, $0

Sandra Leigh Vick to Francis D. Widmeyer, Lot 58, Nottoway Gardens, Section 1, Franklin District, $39,900

Norman L. Pearce to Gary Parris, Lot 3, 12004 Tucker Swamp Road, Zuni, Berlin Ivor District, $115,400

Virginia B. Carr to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Plank Road, Southampton County, $0

ELC Realty LLC to On the James Realty LLC, Lot 3, Route 614, Berlin Ivor District, $60,000

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to Renatta Meyers Gatling, Instrument No. 1700001561, Newsoms District, $7,825

Brett E. Rutledge to Kellyn B. Cherry, 1.676 acres, Sedley village, $183,000

Bremer Gwaltney Olson to Brett E. Rutledge, Lot 40, Regency Estates, Franklin District, $227,500

Trustee Services of Virginia to U.S. Bank Trust, Instrument No. 100000804, $424,876.77

Professional Foreclosure Corp., Bank of New York, Mellon Trust Instrument No. 070000012, $84,486.82

Mt. Real Estate Properties LLC to Perkinson Investments LLC, 504 Cameron St., Franklin, Boykins District, $20,000

Jonathan Snow, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Ronnie L. Lamb, Brittany Rae Pastorius, 23186 Indian Town Road, Capron District, $166,000

Ruth A. Banks, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Betty Jean Mann to Catherine Olivia Banks, two parcels, Newsoms District, $0

Gail B. Camp Limited Partnership to Town of Courtland, Jerusalem District, $0

Severn Peanut Co., Inc., Isle of Wight Forest Products, 2.093 acres, Town of Ivor, $27,500

Haley Butler to Bobbie Lea Butler, 24319 Ridley Road, Courtland, Newsoms District, $0

Dylan B. Belt to Everett Campbell, Lot 12 Section 3, Queens Lane, Franklin District, $258,000

Tileatha Mae Washington to Tileatha Mae Branch, $0

Roland McCoy Newsome to Roland A. Cutchins Jr., two parcels, Jerusalem District, $180,000

Scott W. Bryant to Erin B. Nowell, 4.404 acres, Newsoms District, $0

Peggy D. Rush to self, 29400 Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin District, $0

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kyle Harwood, Lot 71, 0.92 acre, Sandy Creek, Jerusalem District, $176,000

Roy Calvin Boyd Sr. to Adell Ricks Carlton, 18436 Wakefield Road, Jerusalem District, $0

Vickie Munford James to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Darden Scott Road, Courtland, $0

Specbld LCC, Virginia Electric and Power Co., 18024 Darden Scout Road, Courtland, $0

Carlton E. Pope to Cann Farms Lt., two parcels, Town of Boykins, $15,000

David J. Austin to Serena C. White, 26133 Clarksbury Road, Boykins, Capron District, $215,000

Robert B. Gay Jr. to Leah Beth Williams Revocable Trust, 0.585 acre, Ivor Road, Jersusalem District, $150,000

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to James Colby Gray, Lot 1, Section 1, Village Green, Jersusalem District, Instrument NO. 1900000971, $120,000

EJC Enterprises LLC, to EJCP Realty LLC, 16.513 acres, Franklin District, $0

Robin F. Mason to Robin F. Mason Revocable Living, 32218 Oberry Church Road, Franklin District, $0

Ruth Ann Edwards Story to Legacy IV Farms LLC, Southampton County, $180,000

Jacob T. Stenger to Robert B. Gay Jr., 5.01 acres, Parcel 10, Medicine Springs, Section III, Capron District, $240,000

Peggy D. Rush to Stephen P. Holland, 0.705 acre, Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin District, $69,900

Brian Mason to Christopher R. Turner, 2.226 acres, Sedley Road, Jerusalem District, $249,900

Robert Burwell Marshall, probate will, $0

Kathleen D. Gookin to John S. Petroskey, Berlin Ivor District, $8,000

Mark T. Calvey to Thayer J. Meyer, Lot 33, Pines of Ivor, Town of Ivor, $180,000

Edna D. Jackson, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Steven E. Haskins to self, three parcels, Jerusalem District, $0

Charles B. Guynn Jr. to Bobby V. Ferguson, 1.813 acres, Cross Keys Road, Newsoms District, $155,000

Julee E. Wallace to Daniel Eugene Williams, Lot 3, Main Street, Town of Courtland, $163,000

Rhonda V. Griffin to Akeem Z. Walker, Boykins District, $15,000

Rhonda V. Griffin to Eugene L. Worley Jr., Newsoms District, $15,000

Rhonda V. Griffin to John H. Stephenson III, Berlin Ivor District, $1,500

Rhonda V. Griffin to Martinette Properties LLC, Courtland Town, $1,500

Rhonda V. Griffin to Sean K. Barrett, Near Capron in Southampton County, $2,200

Rhonda V. Griffin to Ross A. Preau, $1,500, Franklin

Cynthia A. Kemp to Jacob B. Hedgepeth, two tracts, Capron District, $77,6000

Will R. Kitchen Jr. to Samuel Chrisopher Kerr, Town of Ivor, $7,000

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Bank of New York, Mellon, Trust Instrument No. 070003078, $105,000

Daniel D. Ognibene to self, 4.56 acres, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Avis L. Story to Matthew Francis Kiser, 34.116 acres, Berlin Ivor District, $129,000

Matthew Baynard to Taylor Herring, Lot 18, Drewryville Village, $187,500

Richard C. Edwards, Probate Will, $0

Wilma Bishop-Powell, Probate Will, Appoint Executor, $0

William S. Wirt Construction Inc. to David P. Shelton, Lot 78, Bethel Farms, Southampton County, $275,000

James Stuart Green, Probate Will, Appoint Executor, $0

Mattie Walker Gilliam, Probate Will, Appoint Executor, $0

J. Randy Carr to self, Lot 4, General Mahone Blvd., 0.485 acre, $0

Evans and Bryant to Sec. of Housing and Urban, Trust Instrument No. 110002577, $153,03.06

Carrie Olivia Dawson, Record Real Estate, $0

Jesse Lee Dawson, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

James E. Bland Sr. to James E. Bland Jr., two parcels, Jerusalem District, $0