Amaryllis bulb yields rich blossoms for Hunterdale woman

Published 7:16 pm Friday, January 17, 2020

The three stalks have produced five blossoms each, more than Syble Whitley has ever seen from such a plant. — Stephen H. Cowles Tidewater News


Syble Whitley’s lifelong passion for flowers has recently been enriched. A single loose bulb for amaryllis has yielded a richness of blossoms, the likes of which she’s never seen before in her many, many years of horticulture.

The bulb she picked up at the local Walmart in mid-November, and weeks later there have been a total of 15 blooms of Red Lion Amaryllis on the three stalks.

There was nothing extraordinary about the bulb that she could tell. The credit goes deeper: “I think it’s the potting soil I used.”

The Hunterdale resident has enjoyed flowers since she was a teenager.

She’s actually straightforward in describing that dedication.

“I like flowers. Period. I’m a flower nut,” she said. “I learned at an early age the difference between a weed versus something to enjoy.”

Her interest has also included many past classes in horticulture, though she’s not belonged to any garden clubs.

After the amaryllis has faded away — as all things beautiful must — she’ll carefully transfer the bulb from the container to her outdoor garden for future blossoms.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Whitley, still marveling at her good fortune. “I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”