No excuse for slothful behavior

Published 6:53 pm Friday, January 10, 2020

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To the Editor:

Styrofoam food containers, plastic water/soda bottles, fast food bags/boxes/cups/napkins, red Solo cups, roofing metal (for crying out loud!) and an over abundance of beer cans/bottles. This is just a sample of the exciting assortment of garbage that can be seen, not in the dumpster, but along the roadsides in Southampton County before, during and, especially, after hunting season.

Why? What is the mental block that prevents people from acknowledging that God has given us this one-time exceptional gift (Earth) to care for, and if we don’t, who will?

Bravo! To those citizens who give their time and energy to clean up after these thoughtless slobs.

Bravo! To the officer in charge of illegal dumping at Southampton County Sheriff’s Department who tirelessly and thanklessly responds to reports of huge amounts of trash tossed in ditches just less than a mile from dumpster sites.

Bravo! To the members of Branchville Hunt Club who faithfully fulfill their promise to keep their section of roadway free of trash.

The two dumpster sites between Boykins and Branchville are open and available six out of seven days each week.There is no excuse for this slothful behavior from locals.

Come on, people. Get passionate about this. Step up your game and resolve to show some genuine appreciation for preserving the beauty of our space!

Marion L. Dickerson