Make Western Tidewater Great Again

Published 5:41 pm Monday, December 30, 2019

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You’re not likely to see anyone putting those words above on a hat or T-shirt anytime soon. MWTGA doesn’t have anywhere near the ring as MAGA — Make America Great Again.

But if our region were to make a collective resolution for 2020, it should be to fix what is broken — littering, for example — and improve or strengthen what’s working, such as our schools, which have have again become accredited after much discipline and hard work.

Just as a suggestion for the first example, we recommend more civic and social groups organize and conduct regular clean-up sessions of trash in respective communities. The work done by the Tarrara Woman’s Club in Boykins is a model to follow. We can further increase and show our pride by persuading other people to see how littering roads and rivers actually hurts us all.

As for the schools, again we urge parents to get involved in their own child’s education. Showing your sons and daughters you care enough to read to and with them, attending classroom functions and even participating in PTAs are all for the good.

If those suggestions don’t ring your bell, consider forming a neighborhood watch group to help prevent crime. Or, regularly attending meetings of city council or the board of supervisors and staying in touch with your elected representative. They really do want to hear from you in order to make better informed decisions on your behalf.

Then by end of the year, you can proudly say you helped to make Western Tidewater great again.