Clay Street park still special to area resident

Published 6:23 pm Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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Dear Editor:

With Christmas rapidly approaching, my thoughts turn to one of my favorite memories. The park on Clay Street had a big evergreen tree near the fountain. Usually during the holidays, we would go to Franklin. At that time, the trip from Capron to Franklin was a big outing! I thought the trip took forever because I had waited a whole year to see the magical site of the huge tree with bright colored lights. Of course, there was also Santa and his reindeer on top of the Elms. (We called it Boofy’s house … one of the Camp sisters.)

Still today, the park is a special place for me. It is down the street from my darling grandchildren’s home. I love our adventures at the park. In summer, we have the fountain in which we dip our toes and fingers. The huge magnolia trees offer climbing exploration … which I think is “dangerous”! My warnings of being careful seem to add glee to my grandson’s exploits. The sidewalks are perfect for strollers, bikes and tricycles. BUT, my grandson really loves the statue of the soldier. He always seems intrigued by the strong-looking gentleman with the rifle.

Of course, he always asks me why does he have a gun, why is he special and other questions that come from his 4-year-old mind. We have to walk around the granite base many times to discuss the thoughts that run through his inquisitive young head.

I still think Franklin is just as special as it was when I was growing up. I am so delighted to see the revitalization of downtown. The shop owners are to be commended on their inventories and the restoration of the fine old buildings!

It is my hope that my grandchildren will also look back on their childhood with many happy memories from our outings to the park.


Sandra Marks Councill