Candidate grateful for support of campaign

Published 7:49 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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To the Editor:

First and foremost I would like to thank God for living in a country where people have the liberty to stand on their convictions and engage in the democratic process.

It was an honor and privilege to serve in the role as a candidate for an office to represent the citizens of my beloved county. My life surely has been made the richer from the many, many kindnesses received as I journeyed from door to door across the Franklin District. This journey was one of remembrance and acquaintance reconnecting to the ’70s and yet, becoming introduced to new folk which perhaps did not know me. However, they were so eager to listen to my ideas, and engage in good conversation about the present issues and future vision for the county.

My journey would not have been endurable had it not been for my family and the very best team in the world. To them I say THANK YOU for your labor of love, sacrifice, and commitment to the end. It is my prayer that God blesses you and your family for all that you did to support the concept, “Our Ten Cents.” To the 344 voters who actually voted for me, I only have one regret, I do not know who you are so I can look into your eyes, and say to you how much your vote of trust and confidence meant to me.

To all the “Gathering Spot” attendees, you are the real winners. You came out, you gave your support, you shared your concerns and yes, you donated financially. I simply have no words to render a fitting THANK YOU for showing up and getting involved. It is my hope that you will stay true to your convictions for growth and prosperity by supporting the newly elected board and attending the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings. They need to see you there expressing your concerns to be addressed by your supervisors independently and collectively as the board. In doing so, I am sure that both the Planning Committee, and the Board of Supervisors will carry out the law or laws in such a way that the out come will be a measure of our humanity and we may dwell in quiet enjoyment together.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank The Tidewater News for dedicating as much printing space as was needed to give each candidate equal opportunity to express answers to his questions which mirrored our ideas.

May I remind everyone that in every race, there can be only ONE WINNER. Today, I pause to say, congratulations to the newly elected sheriff, Mr. Josh Wyche Sr., the newly elected board members: Mrs. Lynda Updike, Mr. Robert White, Mr. Chris Cornwell Sr. and Mr. William Gillette and to the three incumbents: Mr. Dallas Jones, Mr. Carl Faison and Dr. Alan Edwards for being re-elected to your seats. In addition, I would also like to congratulate our newly elected treasurer, Ms. Cynthia Edwards.

And to all other candidates, may I suggest to you, something to think about. What was it that drew you to the race? Will you find opportunity to continue that pursuit?

In closing, I would like to show my appreciation to Mr. Ronnie West, and Mr. Bruce Phillips for the service they rendered to Southampton County. And to Mr. Barry Porter, may your retirement be lived under the blessing of good health for the length of your days.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends. And the most adventurous New Year.

With kind affections, I am,

Earva Lee “Sumblin” Jones