Physicians support WTFC dentistry

Published 5:00 pm Friday, November 8, 2019


Drs. Ryan and Emma Dodge have not wasted any time getting involved in their community since relocating from Wisconsin last year. Dr. Emma Dodge is a United States Navy dentist,and Dr. Ryan Dodge practices at Howell Dentistry. Newlyweds and new-to-Suffolk, the couple started volunteering at WTFC every Tuesday evening last fall. Since then, they have donated over 200 hours and also recently made a financial donation to the dental program to further support the Clinic’s work.

“The Drs. Dodge have done an incredible job supporting the complicated needs of WTFC dental patients and improving their dental health for better overall wellbeing through their support of time and treasures,” stated Director of Development Ashley Greene.

Community support through volunteering, financial donations, and in-kind donations are critical to providing life changing healthcare to WTFC patients who are uninsured, underinsured, and underserved.

To learn more about WTFC, volunteer, schedule a Clinic tour, or make a donation to support your Western Tidewater neighbors, please contact Greene at or 923-1060, ext. 7025, or visit