Supervisor candidate – Jerusalem District

Published 1:31 pm Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Only one person is seeking the office of supervisor for the Jerusalem District in Southampton County. The Tidewater News asked him the following questions: 1. Full name and district you are running in. 2. What qualities and experience do you possess that make you a good candidate for a seat on the Board of Supervisors? 3. What are the most pressing issues facing the Board of Supervisors, and what would you propose to specifically address those issues? 4. What do you see as the greatest opportunities for economic growth in Southampton County, and what specifically would you propose to take advantage of those opportunities?

Alan W. Edwards, M.D.

1. Alan W. Edwards, M.D. I am running for reelection in the Jerusalem district. This will be my third term on the board of supervisors representing the Jerusalem District.

2. Quality and experience. I have over 30 years of experience with the planning commission and almost eight years as a seat on the board of supervisors representing the Jerusalem district. I deeply care about Southampton County and the citizens of Southampton County and I enjoy talking to the people of Southampton County and welcome their questions at any time. I will be available!

3. We have several pressing issues facing the board of supervisors in the coming years.

a. Remodeling the courthouse and getting the most “bang for our buck.” We will address this issue by listening to the people of Southampton County who pay the bills, and making sound decisions on the board of supervisors in the near and distant future.

b. Lowering the tax burden on the citizens of Southampton County by attracting commerce and industry, rather than relying on the landowners and taxpayers to carry the burden of the county’s expenses. We also need to move forward post-haste to tackle the above issues. We need more public input and participation regarding those issues and welcome that on the board of supervisors.

c. The pursuit of economic and industrial growth. It is imperative that we get proactive and move forward on those issues. That is the only pathway that would guarantee our number one industry; i.e. agriculture, will continue to prosper. We need to protect our agricultural base by locating industry and commerce in the appropriate areas, of which we have a vast number in Southampton County.

4. Concerning the greatest opportunity for economic growth. The greatest opportunities for economic growth consisting of enlarging the industrial park, being proactive, and taking action to precure potential sites for commerce and industrial opportunities. We will need to take advantage of any opportunities offered, and act rapidly. Most of these “opportunities” do not want to go down the long road of red tape and government bureaucracy. In essence, we need to respond quickly and appropriately to any appropriate opportunities presented to our county for the benefit of all.