Tommy Potter would make a great sheriff

Published 10:19 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I am a retired police detective and and have worked with Tommy Potter in a law enforcement-related community organization in Isle of Wight County for the past several years. I have seen him in action working for the community, as a leader, manager and investigator.

I have known many investigators in my 42-year career as one myself in law enforcement and the private sector and can say without hesitation that Tommy is as good an investigator and leader as I have seen or worked with. He would make a great sheriff. My only reservation is that if the citizens of Southampton County have the good sense to elect him, we will lose him in Isle of Wight.
I was hesitant in writing this letter because we in Isle of Wight need him and want him to stay with us, but felt it was my obligation to the citizens of Southampton County to give you the opportunity to elect a person for your Sheriff whom I think from my experience, would be fantastic leader and bring your Sheriff’s Department to the highest professional level possible.

Volpe Boykin