That one weird trick about Halloween

Published 10:01 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2019

For who knows how long in this country, children have dressed in costumes every Oct. 31 with the intention to charm or even scare people into giving out handfuls of candy. There’s obviously a somewhat frightening element to it all. The first thing out of kids’ mouths when you answer the doorbell or knock at the door is the conditional demand of “Trick or Treat!” If that doesn’t compel you to hand over the Good ‘n’ Plenty or candy corn you’ve been nibbling, what will?

But really, how often these days do stubborn homeowners that night wake on All Saints’ Day to find their lawns decorated with seemingly endless streams of toilet paper, or some other harmless prank foisted on them as punishment for withholding treats?

We encourage parents or guardians to accompany their youngsters as they make their way from house to house tomorrow afternoon and into the dusk. Our suggestion is not so much for adults to make sure no little ghouls or errant Spidermen (Spiderboys?) play tricks, but simply to be a part of their fun. Maybe that could earn you a few packets of candy … maybe.

We should also note that different groups, schools and even churches get into the (ahem) “spirit” of the holiday with their own costumed parties. For example, tomorrow from 5 to 6 p.m. will be “Trick or Treat in Downtown Franklin.” Admission is free for costumed tricksters to walk around the area and receive flavorful treats from the many generous businessmen and women. It’ll be a scream.

And that trick we referenced in the headline is no deceit. The holiday is about celebrating the season and upholding of a tradition that we hope continues to last for decades and even centuries to come.