Support Otto Wachsmann for performance results

Published 10:16 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Editor, residents and family in the 75th District of the House of Delegates, Southampton County:

On Tuesday Nov. 5, we have an opportunity to bring about effect representation for our area in the 75th District of the Commonwealth. Effective representation, as compared to the ineffective and non-communicative performance of our current delegate since 2006, Del. Roslyn Tyler.

Our county is made up highly principled, hardworking people who work the land to feed the world, build ships and educate our children. They are willing to pay reasonable taxes to support highly principled, hardworking, government representation. It is my opinion however, that Ms. Tyler’s performance as a career politician; with her position on pregnancy, with abortion up to delivery; Second Amendment and hunting restrictions; increased taxes; and accepting gifts from corporate and other special interest, do not meet our reasonable expectation standards.

For this forthcoming term, we have, I believe, an opportunity to select an individual that has the strong ethics of the people of Southampton County. That person is Otto Wachsmann, Republican candidate for delgate. This candidate, with whom I have had the opportunity to discuss his conservative principles is: a longterm resident of our close-by sister county of Sussex; a registered professional pharmacist who, for 16 years, has owned and operates Stony Creek Pharmacy; knows what it takes to run a successful business; understands the issues of health care insurance; strong supporter of the second amendment; Christian; husband and father.

I urge you to vote for candidate Otto Wachsmann to achieve the ethical and performance results we so desperately need. Also, please support incumbent Senate candidate John Cosgrove, NRA A+ Rated.

God bless you and the USA.

Daniel R. Hohman