Riverdale second graders connect with faraway students

Published 10:51 pm Monday, October 28, 2019

The young Cardinals wave allow to other second graders in Texas.


As an elementary student, could you imagine communicating with another school in a different state? Well, Michele Winters’ second grade students at Riverdale Elementary School did just that. Thanks to technology and the assistance of Stephanie Whitehead, Southampton’s Elementary ITRT, students were able to visit another state without ever leaving their classroom!

On Oct. 10, students participated in their first Mystery Google Hangout. A Mystery Google Hangout is a video conference activity in which classrooms connect from anywhere in the world. Using yes or no questions like, “Are you near an ocean?,” students solve the mystery of where the other class is located. “The excitement filled the room when our students were able to solve the mystery and learn fun facts about the state of Texas. They even shared fun facts about the state of Virginia,” said Whitehead.

This was a perfect opportunity for students to use their geography knowledge, as well as, skills in critical thinking, collaboration, listening, mapping, technology and communication.

“It was a wonderful way to culminate our maps unit,” said Winters. “At Riverdale Elementary, the goal is to broaden students experiences beyond the classroom by opening the world of possibilities.”