Tommy Potter has shown leadership qualities

Published 10:52 pm Friday, October 25, 2019


It seems that the local race for sheriff has sparked much attention throughout our community over the last several months. While it’s encouraging to see such support for the candidates, let’s be sure we do so with the best interest of the city/county in mind.

To me, this race comes down to one word: Leadership. Our next sheriff needs to be a leader within the community. He needs to be educated on the needs for Southampton County and the city of Franklin. They need to be in a position to speak on these issues whenever called upon to do so. They need to be able to lead a department that seems to be torn apart as a result of this race and heal any divides that exist. Leadership is not about family relationships or birthright. Instead, it is about forming relationships and encouraging growth for all within the sheriff’s office. True leadership is about building succession plans for all positions and then recognizing their strengths to fulfill those plans; not from feelings of entitlement, but from a competitive selection process.

Leadership is about communicating thoughts along with ideas then translating them into actions. Leadership is not about being entrenched in the past, but more about embracing where the future can take us.

Over the past several months, one candidate has risen above the others in exemplifying real leadership qualities. That candidate is Tommy Potter. Tommy was the only candidate to speak up at the local meetings concerning several pressing issues such as the courthouse renovation. Tommy has been the only candidate to hold town hall-style meetings throughout the city and the county to listen to the concerns of the residents.

The willingness to listen to others is a true trait of a proven leader and a sign that he genuinely cares. Tommy Potter has researched the issues and is not shooting from the hip, so to speak, when responding to questions. Throughout his campaign Tommy Potter has gone far and above all others to fully explain his platform using social media, videos and print. Tommy has been the only candidate to publicly state that current appointees for sheriff will have a job under his leadership. I have been impressed by the independent nature in which he has run his campaign. Our county and city face some huge challenges ahead and we need an independent leader who can best face those challenges with real-world solutions.

Again, this upcoming election is all about leadership, fresh ideas and commitment. Only one candidate has shown these leadership qualities. Please join with me and vote for Tommy Potter for sheriff on Nov. 5.

Allan Morris