SmartMouths welcomed at lunch

Published 8:26 pm Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Whether or not eating pizza can actually make your smarter is debatable, but is there really any question of how good it can taste?

Regardless, the students and faculty at Southampton High School have been energized for the rest of the school day by enjoying a new food vendor’s product, SmartMouth Pizza. Angela Sproul, the food services director for the county school system, said during National School Lunch Week (Oct. 14-18) that the personal-sized pizzas have been on the menu since Sept. 30.

The food choice, which the county bid on, meets a state nutrition requirement since it contains dairy, bread and meat.

The SHS cafeteria staff serve about 450 a day Monday through Friday when school is in session.

“Sausage pizza is the most popular flavor, and the kids also love the calzones, which is essentially a folded pizza,” said Sproul.

Allison Martin, a senior, mentioned coming out of the lunch line that she’ll get a pizza one or twice a week.

The new entry adds to the growing variety of lunchtime meals. Ready-made salads are another option.

During the lunch week observance, a table laden with fresh fruits and vegetable was also made available.