‘Paula Deen’, ‘Minnie Pearl’ visit Hunterdale Seniors

Published 9:22 pm Thursday, October 17, 2019

Miss Minnie Pearl (aka) Anne Griffin) came by to say, “Howdy!” to the Hunterdale Seniors. — Submitted Ellen Rose

By Anne Griffin


At the September meeting of the Hunterdale Seniors, the members were surprised by three special guests: Paula Deen (aka Vicki Ricks) and Miss Minnie Pearl (aka Anne Griffin).

Jerry Clowers told some jokes (he is so funny).

Kathryn Cutchuns welcomed the guests and introduced them to the club.

Miss Pearl danced on stage to a bluegrass tune with a “Howdy, I’m so proud to be here.” She told about her life in Grinder’s Switch where she and Brother grew up. She was looking for a good-looking fellow as usual.

Paul Deen’s look-a-llike, Vicki Ricks, told about meeting Paula at a show and had her picture taken with her. She had an autographed cookbook, and a copy of a recipe for all.

Paula Deen (aka Vickie Ricks) was another guest to visit the Hunterdale Seniors. — Submitted Ellen Rose

A pretty country table was displayed with her pictures with Paula Deen. Vicki has often been mistaken for her.

Wednesday was a fun day. The meeting began with a prayer request and Bible reading and prayer by Edna Butler. Gladys — Ellen’s sister-in-law, was welcomed as a visitor.

Everyone missed Izzy Lso, Kitty Perry and Linda Joyner, who were ill.

At the August meeting, bingo with prizes for all was enjoyed.

The September meeting ended after a delicious covered-dish luncheon (we have lots of good cooks).

The October meeting will be today, Oct. 16.

Food was delivered to the Franklin Cooperativve Minister by Anne Griffin.