Teamwork can make a strong difference

Published 12:48 am Saturday, October 12, 2019

Many hands make light work, as the expression goes, and that was recently proven again true when several members of High Street United Methodist’s youth group volunteered to help repair a Franklin resident’s home, which had fallen into some disrepair that required more than a hammer and a few nails.

Following the pastor’s call for help, the prayer was answered. Now the site is much more habitable.

But the church is not stopping there. The participants quickly realized that there are many more area houses needing such attention that the homeowners are simply unable to provide either because of funds or limited mobility.

So, they will work to continue doing such work as long as feasible, and are calling other youths as well as adults to invest themselves in improving the quality of life in Western Tidewater.

We applaud this kind of service as an example of residents stepping up to make the community a better place to live and thrive. We hope other individuals and organizations will likewise be inspired.