Capron Cardinals learn about cells

Published 2:50 pm Friday, October 4, 2019

By Kathy Thompson


plant cell

Cameron Tucker works on completing his plant cell. Submitted | Kathy Thompson

Students in Faith Hewett’s fifth grade science class have been studying about plant and animal cells.

As a follow-up fun activity to test students’ knowledge of the material learned, an edible 3-D model of each cell was made in class. The plant cells were made with graham crackers and icing. The animal cells were made with sugar cookies and icing. Then a variety of candies were used to represent the various organelles and components of each cell.

The students loved the activity and were able to successfully demonstrate their knowledge of the science SOL objective.

Eating their creative models of the plant and animal cells was a class hit.

capron elementary plant cell

Addyson Pacheco proudly displays her finished plant cell. Submitted | Kathy Thompson