Preparing for worst-case scenarios is necessary

Published 6:03 pm Friday, September 27, 2019

It’s quite a troubling sign of the times, isn’t it, that any of us has to even think about the possibility of a person or group coming into a home, business, church, school or public setting with any kind of weaponry with the intent to maim and kill.

But the ugly truth is that scenario has become not just a nightmarish thought. Far worse, it’s a genuinely horrific scenario which is too commonplace in our country and the rest of the globe. We’re not speaking of terrorists with a socio-political agenda. No, we mean the news of everyday people who seemingly without provocation bring death and anguish to unsuspecting people. There doesn’t need to be a listing of the past incidents. There are too many to number.

Even while this editorial was being written, we learned that a man was arrested earlier at nearby Camp Community College, and was found to have several concealed knives on his person. Thankfully, cool heads prevailed, the suspect was detained until the police arrived and no one got hurt.

While you might be thinking this is a screed against people with guns in general, you are very much mistaken.

Instead, we use this space to encourage you to invest a few hours in learning how to defend oneself from active shooters (read: criminals). Through the coordinated efforts of the Franklin Police Department, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and ALERRT, there will be two training courses scheduled next month in the city. You can find all the particulars beginning on A1.

Everyone who participates will come appreciate that our city police and other law enforcement personnel are demonstrating concern for the people they protect.

Like it not, preparing for the worst isn’t just a cynical philosophy, it’s become a fact of life.