Learning can be fun at Nottoway Elementary

Published 11:52 pm Thursday, September 26, 2019



By Lynn Varian


The second and fifth grade classes at Nottoway Elementary School have been busy learning in unconventional ways. The second grade classes reviewed their addition and subtraction skills while creating their own coffee shop. Students completed various activities around the room with their teacher, Alisha Jenkins, while sipping their “coffee” (aka hot chocolate).

The fifth grade classes participated in two hands-on learning activities, one for math and science combined and the other for Virginia Studies.

In Stacey Rodgers’ math and science class, the students competed in “The Amazing Race.” Students encountered challenges and road blocks just as in the popular show, all while preparing for upcoming exams.

Finally, in Raechelle Doyle’s Virginia Studies class, students created a topographical map of the state of Virginia, complete with mountains and rivers, using salt plaster.

Keep learning and growing, Nottoway!