Capron kindergarteners experiment

Published 11:43 pm Thursday, September 26, 2019

Rodney Ivey and K.J. Goodrich are using a magnifying glass to see taste buds. — Submitted Kathy Thompson

By Kathy Thompson


The kindergarten classes at Capron Elementary School, led by Morgan Cooke and Katie Holland, have been learning about lots of new things since the beginning of school.

Last week they were learning about the five senses. The sense of taste was a fun concept to learn. The children were given the opportunity to use their sense of taste while trying different types of foods. They were able to experience salty (pretzels), sweet (Hershey Kiss), bitter (Baker’s chocolate) and sour (lemon).

The students, as well as the teachers, had a great time experimenting with a variety of foods in their lindergarten class where every day is an adventure.