County OKs EMS contract

Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, September 24, 2019


During Monday’s meeting of the Southampton County Board of Supervisors, the majority agreed to a proposed option that would contract with the City of Franklin for emergency medical services. As noted above on in staff writer Stephen Faleski’s article, Franklin Fire & Rescue personnel will provide EMS and ambulance transport for both the city and county effective Jan. 1. In turn, the County will pay $2.09M annually, payable in equal monthly installments.

Supervisor Barry Porter of the Franklin District was especially concerned by the proposal, chiefly with money.

“We only have funds approved to June 30, 2020. We don’t have funds budget for the second half. I don’t think we should jump into this. I don’t want a default renewal,” he said. “I want the board to do homework.”

Porter emphasized that he agreed with “Everything is in the contact except the automatic renewal. Don’t create a situation where people are going to be fighting.”

Supervisor Bruce Phillips suggested going ahead with the option of amending the agreement later.

“We need to be concerned about public safety,” he added.

Porter again advocated for more research.

“It’s an emergency solution to an immediate problem,” he said.