Voters will be glad they voted for Cynthia Edwards

Published 7:13 pm Friday, September 20, 2019


Voters of Southampton County, I’m a resident of Southampton County; born and raised here all my life. We have a very important election coming up in November for treasurer of Southampton County. I hope people think twice before they decide their vote on several things.

Do you want a person who will greet you with a smile, polite, nice personality, and very talkative? A person who knows you at the Treasurer’s Office, Wal-Mart, doctor’s office or any place in Southampton County? A person who will not snub you, turn their head, walk away or don’t know you?

Cynthia Jarratt Edwards is the person we need as our teasurer of Southampton County. She can give you that smile and all those qualities that people love and expect in a person, especially for the role of treasurer. She is well qualified and has excellent experience; and what a person she is! My vote is for Cynthia Jarratt Edwards.

Your vote for her will make you proud to call her your treasurer and make you feel good about paying your bill at the Treasurer’s Office each year knowing you will see that smile and great personality and the great decision you made.

E. Blythe