One day of caring is not enough

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, September 17, 2019

As reported this past weekend, many city employees volunteered in making improvements to the Franklin Cooperative Ministry. This included not only cleaning inside, but also landscaping outside. All this was part of the Day of Caring project organized by the Franklin-Southampton Area United Way.

By taking just a few hours out of their day, the volunteers from Public Works and the Fire and Rescue Department, to name a few offices, made significant differences to the look of the ministry site.

We’re especially encouraged that the local United Way will expand the caring from just one day to a season, maybe two. Executive director Trish Tsitsera has projects lined up that will need attention this October and November. There could easily be something for spring.

We strongly encourage people seek out ways they can contribute their skills and muscles to similar needs. Not only can you help the recipients, but your work and time also become personal investments of yourselves wherever you call home in Western Tidewater.

To learn more about United Way and how you can help, call 569-8929 or visit