Answer the call to service

Published 8:04 am Saturday, September 7, 2019

In our experience, people who enter the ministry have often stated that they felt called by their Lord to serve. For that matter, men and women who become officers of the law or courts have often expressed they originally had a strong inner desire to serve the community by becoming police officers, state troopers, deputies or even lawyers and judges.

For those of you who believe in such a calling, we encourage you to answer it by applying to become just such a servant. More locally, the Franklin Police Department is seeking about a handful of qualified — we repeat, qualified — individuals to join the city office.

We think this will become an ideal time to become a Franklin police officer, especially with a new chief in place that wants to make the city more secure, more safe for every law-abiding resident.

If you think that you could meet the qualifications, and they are rigorous, then seek out an opportunity to serve and protect in Franklin. For an application, call Sgt. Scott Halverson at 562-8577 or visit online at

Should you succeed in your quest, we join the other officers in welcoming you to their family.