School’s happening. Be ready

Published 8:59 pm Friday, August 30, 2019

Several years ago we asked in this space who’s ready for school. That is, are the teachers and students in the mindset to teach and learn? That’s still a valid question, and one that each must ask and answer on their own. Ideally, the answer should be an enthusiastic Yes!

We like to think that the instructors and staff are indeed ready and not just with lesson plans, decorated classrooms and like. More importantly, they’re eager to put into practice what they’ve learned and will pass along the knowledge. Further, our hope is that there is a growing number students who are more than ready to put away the toys of summer and take up the tools to grow intellectually and even emotionally. There’s work to be done now. The rewards, no matter how intangible, will certainly follow.

Likewise, parents should prepare themselves for another year, though not merely one of juggling schedules and coping with conflicts. Dad and Mom would do well to foster education by setting and maintaining expectations for their children. That includes ensuring homework and study are an essential part of each day. Further, becoming active in their child’s school, such through joining PTA or volunteering, shows leadership by example. Solid parent-child bonds can be forged and made stronger through involvement.

Each teacher, student and parent can make this school year the best one just by committing to the task ahead. Again, we believe the work will pay off for everybody who participates in teaching and learning.