Franklin schools get fired up for new year of teaching

Published 9:48 pm Friday, August 30, 2019

S.P. Morton Elementary School faculty performed a skit based on the popular movie, “Wreck-It Ralph.” — Stephen H. Cowles

Faculty, staff, administration get excited at convocation


Franklin City Public Schools closed out the summer break with cowbells, clappers, cheerleaders and pom-poms as faculty, staff and administrators got excited about the new school year, which begins bright and early on Tuesday, Sept. 3. The pep rally took place during the convocation in the auditorium at Franklin High School.

Supt. Tamara Sterling emceed the event, and school board member Carrie Johnson formally welcomed everybody to a new year of teaching and learning. She acknowledged that the teachers give their “blood, sweat and tears for our students.”

Franklin High School cheerleaders led in the pep-rally style of the convocation. — Stephen H. Cowles

Suzanne Blythe, who was Teacher of the Year, told all present that when she was a kindergarten student, her teacher recommended that Suzanne be held back a year.

“But having supportive parents, they had confidence in me I could be in the first grade,” she said.

So her parents worked with Suzanne through the summer to get her remedial learning. Come the new school year, she was in first grade.

“Not every student has such support,” said Blythe. “Your positive impact is immeasurable.”

During the event, each school participated in skits based on popular movies. S.P. Morton Elementary chose “Wreck-It Ralph.” Wreck as in the students won’t just be merely passing tests this year, they will be surpassing them. Everyone, including new principal Dexter Warren, danced on the stage.

J.P. King Jr. Principal Darren Parker and crew did their own steps during the skit based on “Transformers,” because that’s what the faculty will be for the students this year.

Instead of Men In Black, FHS Principal Travis Felts and company were “Broncos In Black,” and even brought band members and cheerleaders.”

In addition to recognition of current and new faculty, staff members were also lauded.

Felts emphasized that he and other administrators had to bear in mind that as leaders they’ll be remembered less for what they know, but more for how they treat faculty, staff and students.