Quick work resolved storm’s effects

Published 5:33 pm Friday, August 23, 2019

Storms come and go, but the effects have an unfortunate way of lingering, such as downed power lines and broken trees on lawns, roofs and vehicles. Thankfully, no one was killed or injured when the down-burst — as described by the National Weather Service in Wakefield — came through on Tuesday evening.

In addition to the quick work of the local first responders, the crews of Franklin Power and Light and Community Electric Cooperative got to work as soon as feasible to repair damages and restore power. We’re especially grateful for the assistance of crews that came all the way from Danville and Martinsville to help remedy the situation.

A tip of the baseball cap to the PDC Hurricanes and coaches Daniel Rollins and Nick Love. Instead of spending a day practicing on Wednesday, they devoted the time to raking, lifting and carrying tree branches and limbs onto curbside piles for pickup later. While the work didn’t likely do anything for their hitting and pitching skills, the young men’s labors certainly helped ease the burden of many residents in Franklin. We’re glad to see the team is more than just about playing baseball — they’re striving to become a part of the community.

We encourage residents — whether they were affected or not — to take time now to plan for any future storms, such as hurricanes. Preparations today can prevent difficulties tomorrow.