City hall closed, but shelter to be opened today

Published 12:02 pm Wednesday, August 21, 2019

One car waits as another comes through the water on Armory Drive.

This driver realized the car was not going to get through the water after all, and moves to turn around.


The city of Franklin has experienced significant damage from last night’s storm. The damage ranges from downed trees, downed power lines, damaged utility poles, damaged roofs to widespread power outages to customers. According to Sgt. Scott Halverson, spokesman for the Franklin Police, City Hall is closed today, Aug. 21, due to no power.

Halverson said the city will open an emergency shelter at 2 p.m. in Franklin High School, 310 Crescent Drive. The shelter is open until 7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 22, because the city expects to have much power restored at that time. The decision to open the shelter, he said, was made to provide power to residents with needs for power to supply medical devices and who may have a need for climate-controlled environment.

Residents and customers are also encouraged to use neighbors and shopping centers during peak heat hours to shelter from the heat if needed. The city encourages all residents to check on neighbors and notify 911 for emergencies or the EOC at 562-8561 for any situations that require help.

Residents using the shelter will need to bring medications and medical equipment or special medical needs. Also, residents are reminded to bring any special needs items such as dietary and infant foods/formula. No pets will be allowed at the shelter.

Storm debris will be picked up by Franklin Public Works if placed in a 6-foot by 6-foot pile at the road in front of properties. Please do not place debris piles under power lines or trees. Residents are reminded if using contractors for debris and tree removal to seek professionals that are licensed and insured.

Crews working on roadway debris and electrical outage issues will be out and about throughout the city, please use caution around these crews and stay out of their way if possible.

The photos are from readers who submitted images via The Tidewater News Facebook page.