Windsor High Class of ’69 meets for 50-year reunion

Published 4:36 pm Friday, August 16, 2019

By Betsy Bradshaw


Windsor High School 1969 honor graduates

Windsor High’s 12 honor graduates were recognized in 1969. Stephen H. Cowles | The Tidewater News

Windsor High School Class of 1969 held their 50-year reunion at The Village at Woods Edge Back Door Grill on Aug. 10, 2019. Twenty-three classmates attended out of 63 graduates. (Five members are deceased). There were a total of 35 people celebrating this milestone.

The buffet’s main course menu was prime rib and baked chicken. Tommy Ellis booked a cash bar and a DJ for all to enjoy listening and dancing to ’60s music. Joel Bradshaw, as well as Steele Alphin, also contributed monetarily for this occasion.

The Sweetheart Award for couples who married their “high school sweetheart” (both attending Windsor) and are still married, went to Harry and Kathy Watson Whitley, who married a few days after graduating in June. Second-place couple was June Spivey and Andy Rose. A well-deserved recognition for 50 years of marriage!

The couple who won the gift for driving the longest distance to attend was Andy and June Rose from Georgia. The person who received the gift for having the most great-grand-children (four), was Patricia Hedgepeth Turner. The person who received a gift that has been married the longest from someone from a rival school went to Pat Benson Allen.

Couples in our class that are still happily married 50 years later are:

• Harry and Kathy Whitley (June)

• Cindy and George Archer (August)

• Pat and Allen Ellis (August)

• June and Andy Rose (September)

• Earl and Amanda Johnson (November)

• Wayne and Debbie Braswell (51 happy years!)*

*There may be others I’m not aware of

The program was presented by Betsy B. Bradshaw. She entertained everyone through a powerpoint presentation and words of wisdom from the world-renowned Steve Jobs. The theme was taken from The Beatles’ song “Yesterday,” and John Lennon’s lyrics from his song “Imagine” sent a strong message into the minds of people, and 50 years later it is still very prevalent and still resonates today. A positive take on this song is hope, peace and love … “and the world will live as one.”

The class of ’69’s next reunion will be in two years.