Summer Super Jam concludes program, presents awards

Published 7:20 pm Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dance routines were performed by the Performing Arts Club. — Frank A. Davis Tidewater News


The Franklin Summer Super Jam program closed out the summer of 2019 in a grand, spectacular, program on Thursday in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center. The overall program, choreographed by Girlie L. McCauley, was a performing arts presentation.

Scene 1 was titled “An international Journey.” Youth actors of the performing arts club presented models/actors that showed scenes of Africa, a Mandingo warrior ceremony and an African dance.

Scene 2 was titled “Let it Flow.” Youth in the scene did free style speaking and rapping.

Daveon Fulgham performed a rap during the scene titled “Let It Flow.” — Frank A. Davis Tidewater News

Scene 3 was a solo titled, “To be an Entrepreneur.” Youth actors during this scene portrayed and modeled to settings that would be seen in entrepreneur businesses as a nail & hair salon, a dress shop and a restaurant.

The performing arts club presented a number of step and dance routines by the boys and girls groups.

The top awards were presented to Jacquis Ricks, the Student Worker of the Year Award; Jahmeir Scott, Site Director’s award; Anaya Murphy, Most Cooperative; and Kamarre Hicks, Citizenship Award.

The Franklin Summer Super Jam program is sponsored by the Franklin Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Virginia & the Franklin Department of Parks & Recreation.