Serious paradigm shifts

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I have observed two serious paradigm shifts that are occurring in this nation. One is happening in the political arena and the other is in the religious community.

One can debate the choice of importance of the two, but the fact that it is happening should cause most reasonable people to be greatly alarmed.

Let us take a look at each one. In the political scene; our nation was founded as a democratic republic, which recognizes capitalism and self-reliance as important cornerstones of its success. Equally important was the assumption that the republic could only succeed with people believing in and living according to Christian-Judeo principles. The two-party system worked well and each party wanted what was best for the nation. Today the political situation has changed to the exact opposite. The two political parties no longer work together for the nations benefit. Any mention of God or His precepts is offensive to many. Patriotism is declining and our flag is regularly violated. Many young people today protest opposite views. Fear of failure and refusal to accept personal responsibilities are their hallmarks. Too many of them are also ignorant of history.

On the religious front, churches once preached the message of God’s love and redemption from sin by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. God hates sin, but loves the sinner. The obligation was on the sinner to repent of his sins and come to Christ for forgiveness and redemption. Some liberal churches have begun to challenge the truth of the Holy Scriptures. Biblical sin is now more acceptable. Some churches allow non-repentant sinners to hold positions of leadership. I fear that many souls are in danger. We need to know why salvation is needed at all.

J. Edward Howell Jr.