Social Services to collect school supplies

Published 6:17 pm Friday, July 19, 2019

By Jean Blackburn


The Southampton County Department of Social Services is in need of school supplies for its upcoming distribution. We will be partnering with The Hope Center in distributing supplies to children of our Social Service clients in August. The Hope Center will be conducting a “stuff the bus” campaign on Saturday, July 27, at Walmart. Please stop by and purchase school supplies for the bus or give a financial donation to support it.

There are no government funds for this project, so donations are critical to the success of this effort. Our goal is to make sure our low-income children can begin the first day of school with some of the many supplies needed so they feel motivated to do their best.

In addition to school supplies, we are conducting a light bulb drive. If children do not have proper lighting at home to do their homework by, they are more likely to require eyeglasses in the future. Help stop that problem now.

Make an investment in the future of a child and your own future as well. After all, our children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s prepare them with knowledge to make good choices in life.

If you can help with this project in any way, call 653-3121. The deadline for donations is on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

JEAN BLACKBURN is with Southampton Social Services. Contact her at 653-3121.