Soccer coach brought in for Lady Hurricanes

Published 6:47 pm Friday, July 12, 2019

J.D. Turner brings experience from high school level


J.D. Turner is bringing his high school coaching experience and, no less crucial, his enthusiasm for soccer to the college level. The Suffolk native recently was named to lead the new women’s soccer team for Camp Community College.

J.D. Turner is the coach for the women’s soccer team at Camp Community College. – Stephen H. Cowles Tidewater News

Chosen from a pool of five to 10 candidates, the new hire first developed and sharpened his own skills to lead while previously helping to coach the boys and girls soccer teams at Windsor High School. Being the father of a son and daughter, he’s naturally had opportunities to work with them, such as improving footwork and kicks.

While serving as resource officer at WHS from 2007-2013, Turner was focusing on the boys’ side — soccer as well as football. There was a personal break for a year, and on returning in 2015 is when Turner was recruited by athletic director Chuck Parrish and coach Ryan Pringle to fully launch a junior varsity team for girls; Pringle had originally been coaching the varsity team.

Jessica Brennan, another familiar face at WHS, will assist Turner while continuing to work on the high school level; the Dukes’ season is in the spring.

This being the building year at the college, there are so far eight to 10 soccer players.

While he would naturally like to get as much local interest as possible, Turner is casting his net far and wide.

“We’re looking everywhere,” he said, but added that the signing day planned for Saturday has been called off in order to first clarify some intent rules.

Turner is excited about the possibilities.

“I like being able to develop players,” he said. “We can teach them to play — to be competitive.”

Carrie Hoeft, athletic director and coach of the college softball team, said, “We’re really excited for the community to rally around the [new] team.”

Though officially retired from active law enforcement, Turner maintains contact as an IT for E-911 in Isle of Wight County. That plus coaching (“It’s something I enjoy doing”) will give him a full plate of responsibilities, but that’s fine by him.

“We’ll make an adventure of it,” he said.

Practice is scheduled to start next month, with a game set for Aug. 24 in North Carolina. The season starts the first week of September. For girls interested in playing, contact him via the Admissions Office at 569-6700 or email There are also Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Like himself, Turner asks the players to bring their excitement to the game.