Everyone says yes to Meherrin preschoolers

Published 5:10 pm Thursday, June 27, 2019

By Joronda Baxter


Sandra Lindsey and Linda Drake’s preschool classes celebrated “Yes Day” during the last week of school. The students were focusing on the last letter of the year, “Y.”

Drake and Lindsey read “Yes Day,: which consisted of adults answering yes to each child’s request. The next day, the pre-K class had its own “Yes Day.” The teachers had to say “yes” to anything the students wanted to do that was school appropriate.

Walking backwards in the hallways, eating ice cream for breakfast, playing on the “big kids” playground, and having centers all day were many of their requests. Seeing the smiles on the preschoolers’ faces was a pleasure. Being able to allow students to do what they may not be allowed to do at home was a treat.

What a way to end the school year!