An important community achievement

Published 7:04 pm Thursday, June 13, 2019

To the Editor,

On June 4, the leadership of the YMCA and of the United Way joined vision and effort to produce the “Employment Readiness Workshop” for a number of Franklin High School seniors, hosted by and at the Village at Woods Edge.

The purpose of this workshop was to help these students to become better prepared to be considered by and for the world of employment after graduation. More than that, however, this experience offered students life-skills applicable to any number of activities and occupations they will encounter later in life; indeed, life-skills that will have value beyond their imagination now.

But in my view, the most important thing about this event is that it represents the best attribute that any community can and should have for the benefit of its citizens and the future well-being of the community: Empowered, influential entities working together, synergistically, to make the community an ever-better place in which to live—to work, to recreate, and perhaps especially to raise a family and to educate its (our) children in preparation for a happy and successful future.

Against the backdrop of recent comments about the quality of our community, I am telling you that there are not many things that can equal the Employment Readiness Workshop event as an indication of a healthy and worthy community — for such an effort reflects the best attributes of any free and vibrant society.

Kudos, then, to the Village, the YMCA, the United Way, FCPS, and the several business leaders who spent meaningful time with our youths that day. The Employment Readiness Workshop is an excellent concept that should be expanded upon and continued going forward.

Howie Soucek