Southampton Indians compete in Tri-Rivers District Championship

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2019

By Alfred Charity


The Southampton High School Indians track team recently competed in both the Tri-Rivers District Championship, which took place at Sussex Central High School, and the 3A Regional Championships, which were at Lakeland High School in Suffolk.

Jayla Greene, DeMartin Miles, Chris Everett, Shaquille Jarrett and Shamar Carroll all advanced to the VHSL 3A State Track Meet, which took place at Liberty University this past weekend.

Tri-Rivers District Championships

DeMartin Miles – 2nd 100M, 3rd 200M and 1st 4X100M Relay Team

Shamar Carroll – 5th 200M, 5th Long jump and 1st 4X100M Relay Team

Jared Courson – 4th 800M and 2nd 4X800M Relay Team

Miles Bland – 5th 800M, 2nd 1600M and 2nd 4X800M Relay Team

Kyle Jernigan – 3rd 1600M, 2nd 4X800M Relay Team

Noah South – 5th 1600M, 3rd 3200M

Shaquil Jarrett – 1st 4X100M Relay Team

Chris Everett – 1st 4X100M Relay Team

Stuart Briggs – 2nd 4X800M Relay Team

Harrison Colvin – 4th Long jump

DeShawn Cain – 2nd Discus

Jayla Greene – 3rd 100M, 1st 200M, 3rd 4X100M Relay Team

Taija Ruffin – 2nd 400M

Parker Langhoff – 3rd 400M, 4X800M Relay Team

Amira Long – 4th 800M, 2nd 4X800M Relay Team

Miara Reid – 3rd 4X100M Relay Team

Chloe Pope – 3rd 4X100M Relay Team

Brenaya Thatch – 3rd 4X100M Relay Team

Dinae Jones – 2nd 4X800M Relay Team

Kassandra DeJesus – 2nd 4X800M Relay Team

3A Regional Championships

DeShawn Cain – 4th Discus

Jayla Greene – 4th 100m and 5th 200M

DeMartin Miles – 2nd 100M and 2nd 4X100M Relay Team

Miles Bland – 7th 1600M

Shamar Carroll – 2nd 4X100M Relay Team

Chris Everette – 2nd 4X100M Relay Team

Shaquil Jarrett – 4X100M Relay Team