A call to share the burden

Published 6:54 pm Friday, May 24, 2019



james bowen carries the cross

James Bowen carries the cross for the National Day of Prayer back in 2015. He is now asking fellow Christians to help him carry it as a way to testify to other people. File photo

James Bowen of Franklin is again asking other Christians’ support in helping him to carry a wooden cross as a testimony to their faith and its origins. He made a similar request in September 2017. Bowen said then he feels the Lord had called him to do so.

But, some health issues of late have made the weight a little more than he can readily shoulder.

Bowen would like to get other people to either assist him or even take the cross up themselves and move it here and there to inspire other people.

“Is anyone still willing to carry the cross,” he asked.

This is the same cross that Bowen had set up near a service station on Armory Drive a couple of years ago. But a complaint soon compelled the business to ask him to take the crucifix elsewhere

Anyone who wants to help Bowen is welcome to call him at 663-8996.