Southampton County land transfers

Published 4:36 pm Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in April:

Francis Louise Melnick to Felice Wiese Hancock, Franklin City, Lot 1 $0

Audrey Denise Hart to Dishaun Ramone Har, Franklin City 311 Edwards Street, $0

Shikea Ricks Tr. to Together Enterprise LLC, Franklin City, Lots 6 & 7 Block B. $15,000

Johnnie L. Pope Jr. to Ebonee J. Pope, Franklin City, $0

Johnnie L. Pope Jr. to Ebonee J. Pope, Franklin City, $0

Rose L. Ricks to Together Enterprise LLC, Franklin City Lots 6 & 7 Block B, $15,000

Elbert Jason Ashworth to Charles David Malcolm, Franklin City 505 West Second Avenue, $76,000

Lisa Michelle Holt to Lisa Gamora, Franklin City 511 Clay Street, $135,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban to Leia S. Davis, Franklin City Trust Inst. #180002179, $160,000

Earl M. Bynum to Earl Matthew Bynum Jr., Franklin City, $0

Leslie John Christmas to Harold Allen Johns, Franklin City Lot 26 Washington Square, $23,900

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Cor to Brian A. Davis, Franklin City Inst. #180002690, $32,000

K & R Investors LLP to FRC Genesis Fundsub IV LLC, Franklin City Armory Drive, $1,850,000

Edgar M. Dotson to Michael Staten Sr., Pine Street Franklin City, $74,000

James M. Stradley to John W. Saunders, Franklin City, $137,000

Roger Watson Jr. to William A. Johnson, Southampton County 1.003 Ac., $164,000

David E. Barnes to BK Vineyards LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist. 2 parcels, $0

David E. Barnes to BK Vineyards LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

David E. Barnes to BK Vineyards LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist. 3 parcels, $0

Willie J. Ellison to Carl W. Britt, Franklin Dist., $0

Wayne J. Ellison to James R. Cobb, Courtland Town, $400,000

Sean Deven Dover to Chad R. Vinson, Jerusalem Dist. 1.00 Ac. Lot 2, $106,000

Ethel Lee Brown to Ethel Lee Evans, $0

Lisa Christine Prince to Lisa Christine Franz, $0

Ronny Y. Burgess to Mary Stuart Hudgins, Jerusalem Dist. 2 parcels, $132,000

Cherene C. Shaffer to City of Franklin, Southampton County Delaware Road, $0

Katherine Kirkland Futrell, Probate will no qualification, $0

Cherene C. Shaffer to Anthony Drake Builders LLC, Franklin Dist., $0

Lisa T. Darden to Stephen L. Allison, Franklin Dist. Lot 22, $70,000

Richard L. Francis to Michael J. Alexander, Capron Dist. Lot A 1.131 Ac., $10,000

Brian Dolan Law Offices PLLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Trust Inst. #090001304, $125,052.89

Valencia E. Holloman to Mark A. Carroll, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Madison C. Ellis, Inst. #090000059, Jerusalem Dist. 2034 Meadow Brook Court, $171,125

Cynthia Marie Corbitt to Wing, Southampton County, $0

Cynthia Marie Corbitt to Davis Farming LLC, Southampton County 20229 Ivor Road, $31,000

Mattie W. Gilliam; By Aif, to Tony U. Wlaker, 16 ½ Acres Drewryville Dist., $9,600

RM Clarke Farm Tennessee to Hicksford Farms LLC, Drewryville Dist. 50.10 Ac., $120,000

Rhonda V. Griffin to Joyce E. Williams, Boykins Dist. Deed book 241 page 750, $2,900

Rhonda V. Griffin to Samuel J. Solomon III, Southampton County, $2,500

Rhonda V. Griffin to Bettie J. Mason Bradley, Sebrell Town, $3,200

Paul A. Christensen to Paul A. Christensen, Berlin Ivor Dist. 1.855 Ac., $0

Theresa S. Vermillion to Ferris Garth Knight, Newsoms Town, $135,000

Troy Ostrander Gallagher to Christopher L. Gagnier, Boykins Town 32238 Main Street 0.5826 Ac., $150,000

Roland Copeland III, Appoint administrator, $0

William Berkeley Grizzard Jr. to William H. Nunnally Jr., Drewryville Dist. 7.76 Ac., $10,716.71

William Berkeley Grizzard Jr. to Joey G. Doyle, Drewryville Dist. 6.36 Ac., $7,873.27

Anthony Drake Builders LLC to Jason K. Baird, Franklin Dist., $214,950

Gayle M. Allen to Gayle L. Martin, $0

Carolyn F. Bailey to Stress Less LLC, Flaggy Run Road Jerusalem Dist., $22,000

Christopher Miller to Ronald Porter Sr., Franklin Dist., Edgehill Lot 10 Section II, $160,000

Darlene H. Brown to Shonda Bailey, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot B, $147,500

Kent R. Stump to S & D Holdings LLC, Courtland Town 26275 Moreland Street, $24,000

William Alda Etheridge Jr. to Fleetwood Beacon Hill, Capron Dist., $0

Rebecca W. Worrell to D & R Investment Co LLC, Newsoms Village, $65,000

Sandra B. Holloman to Margaret F. Smith, Courtland Town Lot 13 Shands Estates Section One, $203,000

Michael E. McNeese to David F. Bryant, Capron Dist. Parcel 11 13.38 Ac., $296,500

Steven Ray Jones to Christopher G. Jackson, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 1 Sec B Tiara SB Div 2.446 Ac., $199,000

James Fisher to William J. Edwards III, Berlin Ivor Dist., $23,000

Premier Construction Management to Jason Ashley Royal, Franklin Dist. Lot 44 Section 4 Regency Estates, $256,900

William A. Etheridge Jr. to William A. Etheridge Jr., 26613 Old Place Road Capron Dist., $0

Richard R. Dickerson to Charles D. Felts, 102.9 Acres Boykins Dist. Plat in Pb 36 Pg 183, $246,800

Lavon Lashley to James M. Clark, Franklin Dist. Lot 16 Section II Edgehill, $125,000

JC Williams Jr. to Sandra G. Johnson, Capron Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 177, $22,500

Carolyn R. Franz Tr. to Douglas T. Prince, Capron Dist., $0

Jesse William Vick, Probate Will No Appt. $0

Gail B. Camp Limited Partnership to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, Jerusalem Dist., $0

David Alan Johnson, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

Edward S. Grissom to Buckhorn Ventures LLC, Southampton County, $650,000

Hilltop Properties LP to Edward P. Kea III, Ivor Town, $140,000

Patsy Poole Sours, Record copy of will and list of heirs, $0

Mary Elizabeth Grissom Berry to Edward S. Grisson, 2 parcels Berlin Ivor Dist. $0

Billy Vernon Hayes, Record will and appoint executor, $0

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. by Aif to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Boykins Town Inst. #180002656, $10

Walter D. Kahle Jr. to Walter & Sarah Kahle Living Tr., Franklin Dist., $0

Bruce P. Barkley to Bruce P. Barkley Tr., Southampton County 2 parcels, $0

Robert Otis Bowens to Robert Otis Sedgwick, $0

Ina Virginia Ridley Pittman, Probate will & appoint executor, $0

Lemuel E. Warren Jr., Record real estate affidavit, $0

Katherine Bell Martin, Record certified copy of will, $0

Katherine B. Beale, Appoint trustee under will of Katherine Beale, $0

Christopher A. Raines to Michael J. Weaver, 1.50 Acres Berlin Ivor Dist., $224,900

Joseph P. Gyoker III to Delaney Townsend, .93 Acres Rt. 687 Franklin Dist., $136,500

Thomas F. May to D. Laine Magee Jr., Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Timothy W. Drake to Buckhorn Swamp LLC, Capron Dist., $0

Debora Hayes Knapp to Debora Hayes Knapp, Trust Inst #160002751, $0