Prayer rally attendees called to ‘love one another’

Published 6:26 pm Friday, May 3, 2019


On Thursday, members representing 30 churches at the local observance of the 14th National Day of Prayer were called on to ‘love one another,’ which is taken from John 13:34. The service was done that evening at Armory Field.

Apostle Albert Evans and his wife, Pastor Elsie Evans, welcomed the dozens of participants and explained the aforementioned theme. They later prayed for community and state official, educators, schools and local needs.

Vickie Easterday calls all present to worship by blowing the shofar, which is a hollowed-out ram’s horn used as a trumpet. Stephen H. Cowles Tidewater News

Vickie Easterday formally called all to worship by blowing the shofar, a hollowed-out ram’s horn used as a trumpet. Hunterdale Boy Scout Troop 125 and Cub Scout Pack 27 presented the colors, with Lynn Varian leading everyone in singing the “National Anthem.” She later concluded the service with “God Bless America.”

Tyler Hamlet and the temporary congregation alternately read verses from Psalm 33:8-22. Pastor Melvin Wofford then prayed for national leaders and the United States of America. This was followed by Pastor Curtis Faison leading a prayer for armed forces as a handful of children held up flags representing different branches of service.

Pastor Catina Woodley energized the audience by singing “Something Good is Coming” as her husband, Pastor Kenneth Woodley, played the keyboard. Pastor Matt Kidd followed with a prayer for the churches in this country and around the world.

Pastors Jeremiah and Janice Cole respectively prayed for marriages and families, followed by Amber Ballance’s plea for youth and children.

Pastors David and Patty Dillon concluded the service, again calling on all present to “love another.”