Delegate honors correctional officers

Published 6:59 am Friday, May 3, 2019

By Del. Roslyn Tyler


The first week of May was designated as Correctional Officers Week during the 2019 General Assembly Session. Delegate Kaye Kory, Delegate John Bell and I were Chief Patron of HJ 697 that was signed into law by Governor Ralph Northam, designating the first full week of May, in 2019 and each succeeding year, as Correctional Officers Week.

Governor Ralph Northam, State Senate and House of Delegates Representatives recognize and appreciate the 6,500 Correctional Officers who work across the Commonwealth providing public safety to protect our families and communities. There are 38 correctional institutions and correctional units in Virginia. Five of these facilities are located within my district. They are Sussex I and II, Greensville, Deerfield, Lunenburg and Brunswick Private Correctional Center. I would like to thank all Correctional Officers and their families for their sacrifice, commitment, and service each day to make our communities safe.

I have worked long hours at the General Assembly each year to advocate for safe work environments, increase in salaries, fairness, and due process under the Procedural Guarantee Act. I am happy to report that HB 1418, the Procedural Guarantee Act, was signed into law which establishes due process for correctional officers when allegations are made against such officers involving matters that may lead to their dismissal, demotion, suspension or transfer after completion of probation period. This was a landmark piece of legislation for Correctional Officers and Donald Baylor, representative of the National Coalition of Public Safety Officers and CWA.

As a member of the house Appropriation Committee, I was successful in addressing the shortage of officers by increasing the starting salary of new officers to $33,000 annually. Correctional Officers will also receive an additional raise along with all other state employees.

So, as the Commonwealth celebrates Correctional Officers Week this week, please let our dedicated women and men in blue know that we, the citizens of the Commonwealth, appreciate their services in Public Safety and that they are our “Hometown Heroes.”

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact my office in Emporia at or 434-336-1710.