Windsor erred in rejecting detention center

Published 5:24 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019


It’s truly pathetic how paranoia and fear creates a hostile mob force that overpowers logic and sensible decision making. It happened here in Chesapeake prior to unfolding in Windsor.

Anyone who understands the justice system, and notices the downward spiral of our society, would take note of the fact that traditional families are falling by the wayside, as more and more kids are growing up lazy, pampered, and far too unsupervised.

As the breakdown of the family creates more and more single parent homes, fatherless homes, we see an explosion of juvenile crime which definitely leads to adults who end up in prison. The statistics are overwhelming, and downright shocking.

Kids who are in trouble are the last possible hope society has to turn their lives around, before they turn 18 and become part of the adult prison system. The proposed facility was a treatment center, allowing kids access to counseling and medical options that could help steer them to a better course for the future.
Of course, some people only saw “It’s a prison” during any discussions, and others only saw “It’s going to destroy my property value.” Really? Give me a break!

So congratulations, Windsor! The kids who live in our area will now be sent hundreds of miles away to wherever the facility is eventually built. In the meantime, the kids who so desperately need the facility have little resources. You’ll soon encounter them committing crimes in Windsor and Smithfield. Maybe they’ll be the next ones breaking into your house or robbing your business.

I hope you really enjoy your property value though.

David Lyons