Voice of people was heard

Published 5:21 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019


I would like to commend Supervisor [William] McCarty for the courage he exhibited in his vote on the Juvenile Detention Facility. Few representatives, having taken a public position on an issue, are willing to change. To some, it is seen as weakness. I believe he showed strength. He, along with Supervisor [Don] Rosie and Supervisor [Joel] Acree, considered the voice of a community and those people most affected by their decision to such a degree that it determined their final vote.

I personally saw their individual struggles as they grappled with the pros and cons. Most decisions of this nature become clearer only as additional light is shed through time. Things seen that were not seen before. Challenges unveiled not previously clarified. The community itself weighs in. The decision making process can be a minefield requiring wisdom and flexibility. In the end, I believe justice prevailed in more ways than one.

The voices of the people were heard. After all was said, citizens felt their opinions mattered and representation worked. This fosters invaluable trust in local government and creates a sense of ownership for one’s area and a caring only those embedded in a place can exhibit.

It also fostered a unity within our county sorely needed. This northern/southern county stance has long detracted from our seeing ourselves a united people. To have approved this institution in southern Isle of Wight would have caused a longstanding resentment for the foreseeable future and a confirmation in many eyes that the southern end had no voice. This vote moved the needle in the right direction.

We know it was a long and arduous journey, with more journeys to come for sure. But thank you, Board, and particularly Mr. McCarty, for the final outcome. Justice prevailed and the voice of the people was heard.

Rex Alphin